Adult Development and Learning in the Workplace (GEN330) - The College of Westchester


This course explores various theories and philosophies of adult physical, cognitive, and personality development. Learners will also be exposed to the larger social contexts and the adult’s experience as worker and learner.

Course Objectives:

Changing Welfare, Changing States? Comparative Social Policies revisited by Gender.


The course is based on cooperation with Delhi State University of New York and follows a blended learning concept. Students from Potsdam and the U.S. work together to create a Weblog at While doing this students train their writing skills as well as the competence to pose scientific questions.

Kaldor’s Intro to Sociology Fall 2012


This course exposes students to the many subfields of sociology and the key concepts and theories that connect the incredibly disparate topics of social research. This course takes a particularly global perspective meant to help US students think about their place in a rapidly changing world. In their blogs, students reflect on what matters to them in the world and how to use sociological frameworks to derive new perspectives and insights.