Volunteer Opportunity for Defend Dignity

by Noon on March 21, 2016 - 3:00pm

Defend Dignity is a good volunteering opportunity for those people that want to work for the equality of genders and the freedom of sex. The core values of Defend Dignity are dignity and freedom of sex, the goal of this organization is to abolish sexual exploitation within Canada. Be it the sexual exploitation of men, women or children. Right now the major project undertaken by Defend Dignity, is raising awareness to the fact that children are easily exposed to pornographic and violent sexual materials on the net. Therefore the organization is raising a petition to adopt Motion 47 against explicit pornographically content on the internet. I believe that this is a good opportunity for volunteering due to two main things. First of all, the opportunities for volunteering are vast. Those that wish to help, can do awareness campaigns, sign petitions, promote the petitions, donate, can help the organization to reach the Media, to research information on the issues etc. Lastly, this organization is very active and it responds right away. I got a response 2 hours after I send my e-mail and the response was send by the Glendyne Gerrard, the Director of Defend Dignity. I recommend personally this organization because they are looking for volunteers in many different domains and people are not obliged to work outside of home!

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