by Cynthia_pare on March 21, 2016 - 10:49pm

CCS (Collective Community Services), to me is the most interesting organization, compared to the other three I found in our case, as students. They basically take everyone, no expertise at all is needed. So, it is a great place to start with, to gain experience in the field area of cultures and to at the same time contribute to a good cause. The only problem, though is that they only offer volunteer works from Mondays to Thursdays during the day, this is exactly when we are at school, I know. This is the reason why it did not work for me. However, I still think it is worth to talk about this organization for the few that have free time during these days. So, if you would like to contribute to a better integretion in Quebec by people that are in need, you just have to fill up a form on their website ( and they will contact in a very short delay.

So, their goal is to reduce isolation and to improve the quality of life of poor people in Montreal. They want new arrivants to feel comfortable in their new environment by feeling safe. The organization’s goal is to make immigrants feel that they can count on them, that someone is taking care of them. They want to meet the need of diversified communities. They value a lot the concept of community, as living as whole. In other words, they give support and services for those who are in need. This is approximetly what you will have to do if you would like to volunteer there. Your job will be to give courses to seniors like yoga, organise events or to work in camps and to always apply the principles named above.

Their goal is not hard to understand and it can allow you to learn a lot at the same time.