by 028 Harumi Edo gooo on November 1, 2016 - 12:55am


     Do you know the eye catching airport in Japan? It is Kitakyusyu airport and it have very beautiful night views, and the pleasant wind from the sea. This is because it is on the artificial island in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Kyushu is located in most west part of Japan, then Fukuoka is locaed in Northern part of Kyusyu. In old days, this city was famous for manufacturing. There were a lot of factories and iron works, then a large number of people worked there. However in these days, this area became the main point of transportation and gateway to Kyusyu. Then this airport built on the sea. It became really beautiful spot and popular. However the distance to build was not so easy.

These days, Kitakyusyu airport became very famous sightseeing spots. This is because night view is very beautiful and cool. The airport has a long bridge, the light change day by day like red or green or yellow... The bridge name is New Kitakyusyu Airport connect bridge. This is a kind of arch bridge, then in the afternoon the contrast of blue sea and silver bridge. In the night, the light of cars and bridge light is beautiful that is!! Airport buildings are very clear and compact, but inside of this airport a lot of shop sell the products of Fukuoka. The long bridge and compact buildings are peculiarity of this airport.

In old days, there is not Kitakyusyu airport. Moji port was very important port in Japan and a lot of people using this port, so Kitakyusyu city required to solve congestion. However the ship trip was declining, then the airplane flights became popular. People can board easily at cheap price. That’s why Japanese government and Kitakyusyu city built new airport. However people who live in Kitakyusyu city opposite to this plans. This is because, they will feel nervous about noise or destroying the environments. This problem became big and difficult to solve it. Then they reached the conclusion at last after heated argument. The new airport build on the artificial island. At first, there are 4 lines to Tokyo, to Okinawa, to Shanghai and to Vladivostok. Kitakyusyu airport was bustled by not only domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists. Moji port is also beautiful. This area is well known as retro town. The atmosphere is very interesting and fascinating, then people can enjoy the buildings or streets. If I were a tourist who visited there, I would like to know the history of Moji area. For the kind person, nearby Moji port, there is a small museum, the contents is about Kitakyusyu’s history. Moji port and Kitakyusyu airport is really beautiful then eye catching. However the cost of upkeeps are cheap, because they use light emitting diode (L E D)

In conclusion, I think this eye catching spot is not popular like Kinkakuji, Itsukushima shrine, or Osaka castle. Then it also has some weak points, for example airport noise, or burden on the construction to build an artificial island. However, I support this eye catching spot and I want to spread this small airport.



It's interesting to read about what you think of the airport. It looks like it's a beautiful place that has to be seen.There is no airport like that, here in Canada. I also like the way you compare small airport to bigger one. The only thing I see that are a little bit weak is your structure of some sentences. But in general it's a good text, easy to read and very interesting.

Hello, I'm a student in an English class from Canada and I don't know much about Japan but Kyushu really seem like an interesting spot, the way you describe it make it seem like a beautiful place in my mind, I'll take a look at some pictures of this place. I did not know of its airport, it's incredible how they managed to create an island like that.

Hello Harumi, I’m a student from Quebec, Canada. I’ve read your essay, and I think that it’s really good. The way you describe this no so well known airport as an eye-catching destination make you understand the mood and the atmosphere surrounding it makes me wonder how I would feel myself about it.

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