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by 003 tigers on October 28, 2016 - 7:26pm

What is the heart of the public train stations in Japan? Many Japanese people would answer that it is Tokyo Station. It is the biggest station in Japan. We can feel tradition and dignity there. That is because it has been under construction even though over 100 years has passed since it was built. Today, I will introduce the history of the station, its features and famous spots in it.

The history of Tokyo Station goes back over 100 years. It started on December 20, 1914. Then, Tokyo Station Hotel opened and train lines increased such as Chuo Line, Yamanote Line and so on. The Great Kanto Earthquake occurred in 1923, but there was almost no damage to it because of pilled-up brick. The roof of the station and the domes were damaged and destroyed due to World War Ⅱ. It has been reconstructed since 1947. It changed from a three-storied building to a two-storied building. It cost 50 billion, took 5 years and returned to the original appearance. Tokyo Olympics was held and Tokaido Shinkansen Line opened in 1964. East Japan Railway Co started in 1987. The purpose of it is to manage Japanese railways. In 2003, Tokyo Station was considered as an Important Cultural Property of Japan. It has been under construction for a long time and it will be better in the future. It has a long history, so all generations love it. When I saw Tokyo Station for the first time, I was surprised because it was very beautiful. It didn’t look like a 100-year-old building.

Tokyo Station is one of the most unique buildings in the world. Its features are red-brick and two domes. Since red-brick is very hard, it has saved Tokyo Station from many kinds of disasters. These features were designed by Kingo Tatsuno. He is called “Father of modern architecture” and he designed a lot of buildings that represent Japan such as Bank of Japan, Takeo Hot Spring and so on. He integrated Japanese skills with Western styles. His architectural feature is a combination of red-brick and granite stone stripes with domes that cover a building. One of his compilations is Tokyo Station. Its total site area is 182,000 meters. The average number of passengers per day is 418,000 people and the number of trains per day is 3700 trains. These features that Kingo Tatsuno made became the symbols of the station. They are the prides of the station and Japan. The station in my hometown is too simple, so I was overwhelmed by Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station has famous spots. For example, North and South Dome, Tokyo Station Gallery and Central Street. We can see the sculptures of eto (Chinese astrological calendar) in North and South Dome. Tokyo Station Gallery was born with the desire to provide people with not just a transit point, but a place of cultures. We can enjoy the variety pictures in the historical atmosphere. The concept of Central Street is “Link Japan”. In other words, to link “people” with “people” and “cities” with “regional areas”. There are many shops that make traveling more comfortable such as souvenir shops, daily necessaries and ekiben (train lunch) shops. These spots can make all travelers happy. I couldn’t choose which shops to visit because Tokyo Station has a lot of attractive shops. I want to go there again.

Finally, Tokyo Station is a place not only for transportation, but also for art galleries, illumination and more. The long history of the station means that it has been loved by many people. Even if you don’t take trains, you can still enjoy Tokyo Station.

History Tokyo Station
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Hi. I am Daichan. Your essay is very wonderful. I did not know about history of Tokyo station, but now I got it. when I read this essay, I wanted to the Tokyo station! I have watched this station on TV, but I was not able to believe that it is 100-year-old building!! I have not heard his name, but I realized that he is very famous. I have not eaten Ekiben, so I want to eat all Ekiben!! I have a question for you! What your favorite Ekiben? Please tell me. I hope that you will reply to me!

Hi 003 tigers ! I am a student from Quebec, Canada. I have to say that you have such amazing buildings in Japan. The history and all the events related to Tokyo Station makes it really interesting. This is a proof of how you guys are really hard-workers. We don't have such massive buildings here in our country. It looks fabulous. Thank you for taking the time to share a little bit of Japan.

Pretty interesting text ! I'm a literature student back in french Canada. I find your essay pretty appealing ; it's interesting to see the history behind the building and how that they've managed it to become more than a simple train station ! Your text is easy to read and not to complicated, which is a good point. I hope to read more from you soom !

Hello, My name is Julien. I appreciated reading your essay. Unfortunately I do not know a lot of things about Japan, tough It is one of the places i want to visit during my lifetime. Having to read about this building is really interesting; to see such a busy train station live trough so many years. I think it is also a good idea that buildings have been built around the station to provide a variety of services, such as the hotel. I agree on the fact that the sight of such a building must be impressive. Thank you for the interesting text and thank you for reading this comment !

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