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by 012cristiano ronaldo on October 31, 2016 - 12:02am

There are a lot of “eye-catching buildings” in Japan. For example, castles, temples, shrines, high towers, modern buildings and other traditional buildings. Today, I would like to introduce an eye-catching “bridge”. If you see the bridge, you may feel excited. “The great Seto Ohashi Bridge” is the eye-catching bridge in Japan. Most of you may not know about the bridge, so I’ll explain the basic information of the bridge, the history, and how to enjoy it.

First of all, I will explain basic information of Seto Ohashi. The bridge includes three types of bridges. Such as suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and truss bridges. There are 10 bridges, and Seto Ohashi is generic term of these bridges. The bridges were built to connect Honshu (the main island of Japan) and Shikoku (one of Japanese islands located in south of Honshu) across a series of five small islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The total length of the bridge is 13,100 meters. Seto Ohashi is a series of double deck bridges. The superior bridge has 4 lanes of roadway and the under bridge is railway. So trains and cars cross the bridge. If we cross by car, we have to pay tolls. It’s about 4,000 yen in both ways. Seto Ohashi has a lot of characteristics. So I think to find these characteristics of the bridge is one good way to enjoy the bridge.

Secondly, I will introduce history of this bridge. Seto Ohashi is the first bridge that connect Honshu and Shikoku. In 1889, Jinnoho Okubo who was a politician came up with an idea to build a bridge connecting Honshu and Shikoku and proposed it to people. However, the plan had not been carried out until 1955. In 1955, one maritime accident happened at Seto Inland Sea. Many people had died because of the accident. They got a ship that crashed another ship. The accident made the governor reconsider to build a bridge and think importance of the bridge. They started to build the bridge in 1978. After 10 years, they finished building in 1988. Now, Seto Ohashi became the necessary bridge for many Japanese people.

Thirdly, I will talk about how to enjoy Seto Ohashi. The bridge has some attractive points. There is a memorial house near the bridge, so you can learn about Seto Ohashi and Shikoku Island. When you cross the bridge, you can stop at the big service area named Yoshima. It offers a perfect view. So, many people often take pictures with their friends or family or by themselves. You can not only take photos, but you can also buy souvenirs related to Shikoku. I have been there this summer and it became one of the greatest memories. When you go to the bridge, you will be surprised and have a good time.

Finally, if you see Seto Ohashi, you will get excited, because Set Ohashi has many characteristics, the history, and how to enjoy it. Seto Ohashi is one of the most popular bridges for Japanese people now. You could have a good time.


Thank you for your essay. My hometown is Hiroshima prefecture, so I know it in details. However, I have never used this bridge because there is one similar bridge between Honshu and Shikoku. I use it when I go to Shikoku. I know Seto Ohashi, but I didn’t know the history of it, and the accident. I think I have many opportunities to visit there, so If I had a chance to go there, I will enjoy taking pictures and buying souvenirs. I’m looking forward to visiting this bridge. When I visit there, I will ask you about it. Thank you for your explanation.

Hi! My name is Ann-Frédérike and I enjoyed your essay. It was really interesting to read it. Here in Canada, especially in Jonquiere, we don't have bridges like that and we will never actually. It is fun to read about what you have in Japan, and especially about this bridge. I am sure it provides a beautiful view and I would like to go. It was also very interesting to learn about its making and about its history. Thank you for providing all of these information for everyone here in Canada. It was also very impressive to learn about its fact and that there is actually 4 lanes of roadway and a double deck. It was a really good essay!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am a girl from New Caledonia, a tiny little island located in the Pacific Ocean. I am studying in Quebec for nearly 4 years. I have always been excited when talking about Japon, since it is a very big and beautiful country. This is why your essay made me travel to Japon. What a beautiful place to go and visit. Your writing is very good, and you sentences make sense. Good work.

Thank you once more

Hi 012christiano ronaldo, I really enjoyed your essay and I like the way you talk about this bridge. I wish here, in Québec, we have such beautiful architectural buildings and bridges as you have in Japan. This is so marvelous. I also wonder, is it expensive for many people in Japan to pay 4,000 yen to cross this bridge ? Here, in Canada, if we had to pay 4,000 dollars it would be too much expensive and I don't think a lot of people would cross this bridge. My next travel goal is now Japan. Thank you :)

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