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by 003 tigers on December 13, 2016 - 12:10am

Have you ever heard of the word “Black Company”? The origin of this word is Japanese and it refers to a company which doesn’t follow the Labor Standards Law. According to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of workers suffered from Black companies in 2012 was 1,067,210. Some of them got diseases, some mental problems or others lost their lives, so I think that we must do something against them as soon as possible. In this essay, I will explain the reasons why the problems that they have today and the measures against them.

The working conditions have gotten worse because the serious recession has continued since 1990 and many companies’ profits have decreased. The companies try to reduce the labor cost in order to increase the benefits. However, most of the employees cannot quit their jobs because they have to earn money for their lives and there is a risk in reemployment. Also, high technology such as computers, Internet and e-mails spreads through businesses and some workers must work 24 hours a day. These things have expanded the Black companies.

There are many other problems Black companies bring about. For example, they demand long working hours from workers, they pay below minimum-wage, they provide little or no holidays, they have power and sexual harassment. Also, they give priority to make profits and abandon young employees easily. As a result, the number of NEET and karoshi has increased. NEET means a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". Karoshi stands for death by overwork. It is said that these problems can cause an aging society with a declining birthrate because many young people must spend a precarious living and cannot marry and their have children.

Can you believe that 96 workers died from brain and heart illnesses in 2015? I want you to know a few tragic cases of Black Company. One is, a young female worker at Dentsu, which is a Japanese advertising company, committed suicide. She graduated from Tokyo University which is the best university in Japan and she worked for advertising in Dentsu. However, she had to work about 105 hours of monthly overtime. She suffered from a mental breakdown because of the psychological burden. Finally, she killed herself when she was 24 years old. Another incident happened in Watami which is a Japanese restaurant chain. She had 129 hours overtime per month, but she got only 30 minutes time of the rest a day. She was trained to be a permanent staff without wedges and the company did not allow her to take a medical checkup. After all, she died when she was 26 years old. Japanese government must not allow Black Companies to get away with these things.

In conclusion, the way to dismiss Black companies are that we change the state of working. Japanese government has to make the law to decrease the maximum working time and overtime. It also should monitor the illegal job advertisements on the Internet and establish more consultation offices about Black Company. I think that it must make the legally binding rules and crack them down.

How Japanese Black Companies Oppress Workers and Ruin Lives
Suicide of young Dentsu employee recognized as due to overwork:The Asahi Shimbun


Hello. Thank you for writing a great and meaningful essay. While I was reading your essay, I was shocked because many workers suffer from working in their companies. They were expected to choose their workplace depend on their interests or something they like. However, working causes workers some troubles physically and mentally. As you mentioned, Japanese government should think about this problem and Black companies must be disappeared.

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