The world is excited at the World Cup now

by Puppy on July 7, 2014 - 4:08am

The world is excited at the World Cup now. The FIFA World Cup often simply called the World Cup. It is an international association football competition contested by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. The current champions are Spain who won the 2010 tournament in South Africa. The 19 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight different national teams. Brazil have won five times and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. The other World Cup winners are Italy with four titles. West Germany, with three titles. Argentina and inaugural winners Uruguay, with two titles each.  And England, France, and Spain, with one title each. The World Cup is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, exceeding even the Olympic Games. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is currently being contested in Brazil. The next two World Cups will be hosted by Russia in 2018, and Qatar in 2022.
 I think that Famous scene of World Cup was 1986 FIFA World Cup. This tournament is stored in the people as the competition of Diego Maradona. Because, Maradona is the best player in football. Maradona who was in the heyday as a player led to victory the team by the activities of furiously as the ace of the Argentina national. Match the most famous among them is the England game of the quarter-finals. Maradona scored two points, the team also won the 2-to-1. The first goal, Maradona talks about the "hand of God" in the interview at a later date. It went into the goal hit hand of Maradona went to aim the heading. The referee couldn’t to confirm the hand of Maradona, Protest of England representative also not bear fruit, the score was observed. England is called a "hand of the devil" in contrast to this score. The second point, Maradona is a score to start the dribble from near the center line, dribbled through the England five players, including the goalkeeper Shilton. Soccer fan is called the "goal of the century" this.
 The World Cup is a great tournament. I like The World Cup. Because, I have played football since second elementary school student. So, I know that football players of the world was a very good football player. For this reason, I excited to play them, Look at the play, learn, and I thought that also want to try to play like them. It’s very interesting. Moreover, the World Cup does not know what will happen. It’s also very interesting.
Example, the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final was a football match that took place on 9 July 2006 at the Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany, to determine the winner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. France's Zinedine Zidane was sent off in his last-ever match, for headbutting Italy's Marco Materazzi's chest in retaliation to Materazzi's trash talking. For more information, as Zidane and Materazzi were jogging up the pitch close to each other, they briefly exchanged words after Materazzi was seen tugging at Zidane's jersey before Zidane began to walk away from him. Moments later, Zidane suddenly stopped, turned around and head-butted Materazzi's chest, knocking him to the ground. Although play was halted, referee Horacio Elizondo did not appear to have seen the confrontation. After video evidence suggested that Materazzi had verbally provoked Zidane, three British media newspapers claimed that Materazzi called Zidane "the son of a terrorist whore". Zidane only partly explained that repeated harsh insults about his mother had caused him to react. If Zidane is not sent off in this game, France might have won.
In addition to this, World Cup in Brazil Recently, 1 in the world ranking, Spain of the previous tournament champions was eliminated in qualifying. I had expected that Spain won first place at the Brazil World Cup. Spain was called the Invincible Armada in a very strong team. The Invincible Armada is Armada-Inbenshibure in Spanish.
It's a powerful navy made by King Philip II of Spain. To against the British forces emerging, Philip II was organized a fleet 130 ships battleship, 8,000 sailors. It was intended to attack the UK mainland that boarded the 19,000 people army. It called the Invincible Armada this under the confidence not to defeat absolutely. Such Spain was the qualifying defeat, I can’t believe.
 In this way, the World Cup does not know what will happen.
So I hope that more excited play at this World Cup Brazil and the giant-killing occurs.

Yurika’s comment on Aknari’s text
I think you put in a lot of interested themes into this text, however, it was a little bit difficult to follow you because you did not do the 5 paragraph’s structure. And your opinion suddenly came in the middle of the text and then you carried on with Zidane.
I don’t know much about football, but I think if you would put a bit structure into it, it will interest many people, even if they don’t care much about football.


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