Tokyo Oliympics

by 040 Moe on July 10, 2014 - 1:08am

About Tokyo Olympics


     On September 7, Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games during an International Olympic Committee (IOC) session held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is wonderful for Japan. The Olympics are held in Tokyo for the first time in fifty six years. The Governor Inose of the Tokyo Governor worked on an invitation. The invitation ambassador has Ota Yuki of the fencing, Sawa Homare of the soccer, Yoshida Saori of the wrestling. There is Takigawa Christelle of the Cool Tokyo ambassador. They worked on invitation activity seriously. As a result, Tokyo Olympics opening was decided. The promotion video of the invitation was wonderful. Other countries were wonderful promotion video. “Omotenashi” of Takigawa Christelle became famous in Japan. The meaning of “Omotenashi” is service.

     I was very impressed at that time. But the Olympics cost a large amount of money. Does the money of revival of the Great East Japan Earthquake remain? I think that I do not remain. So there is a person in favor of the Olympics and there are those who are opposed to the Olympics. And I agree because I think that the Olympics enliven the Japanese whole. I think that many tourists visit from overseas. It is very good for Japan. Economy will move and it will go in the good direction. I would like to go to watch Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. I want to go to watch swimming particular. Because I learned swimming before. I was good at the breast stroke. I think that swimming is amazing sports. However, I like Kendo the best of all sports. Kendo is cool. However, Kendo is not in the event of the Olympic Games. So I am very sad. I want Kendo to become an official Olympic event someday. But it is difficult thing because there are few people who are doing Kendo. It is few in Japan. I want many people to know Kendo.

     How does the person of the dissenting opinion think? Probably, there are some person who think that revival should be carried out to top priority now. I think so. In fact, there are those who still live in the makeshift house. And there is a problem of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture. This accident is seen badly from the foreign countries. Because there is a radiation. The radiation is dangerous. The Japanese government should solve these problems early. In order to solve, a large amount of money and workers are required. However, money and workers are lacking. By opening the Olympic Games, money is lost further. I think that opening the Olympic Game is good thing but it may not be good like these problems.

     Inose Tokyo Governor caused a problem and resigned. Probably, Japan’s evaluation fell by this problem. And I thought that the image of Japan worsened. Mr. Masuzoe takes office as Tokyo Governor now. And there is a problem which the budget of a stadium does not suit. This problem is very serious. They have to change a construction schedule. There are various problem in Olympic opening. Although I agree, I think that these problems should be solved early.

     Do you know that wrestling returned to Olympics official event? I was very happy when I knew it. Because Japan is strong in wrestling. Yoshida Saori in particular is famous. She is very strong. So I respect her. She will fight aiming at a top further. In addition, there is much wonderful game. I would like to watch all. But Japanese does not get excited.

     I think that there are a lot of people looking forward to the Tokyo Olympic. However, I think that there is the person thinking that I do not want to go to Japan because there is radiation problem. We must do something about it. But it is very difficult. The government should appeal to foreign countries for safety.

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