Tokyo Olimpic

by 043Risa on July 10, 2014 - 1:05am

2020 Olympic decided to hold in Tokyo. I am so glad of the fact.

However, I did not think much of it first because I thought that there was a thing which should take first priority. It is the temporary houses. Do you know the difference between the temporary house and the Olympic village? It is very terrible problem. People who are pleased may forget about East Japan Earthquake. The victims still suffer without being able to go their home.

On the other hand, the Olympic village is very gorgeous.

Surely, there are people who are unsatisfied with that. However, so many foreigners will come in Japan and we have to make an impression of Japan better, so it might not be inevitable.

In this kind of situation, can we really be pleased? But I don’t know the answer.

In addition, it is said that a large‐scale earthquake and Nankai trough earthquake may be occurred directly underneath the Kanto region.

When the Tokyo Olympic is held, or until then, Japan is not necessary safe. And, the debs of our country exceed 1 quadrillion yen. The relation with neighborhood countries is not so good. Actually, according to Internet voting, there is predominantly more dissenting opinion (78%) than an agreeable opinion (22%).

     Why do people who learn embarrassment and repulsion attract attention to invite it for the Tokyo Olympic?

Ichiro Kouno of Secretary-General of Olympic Games bid committee (五輪招致委員会事務総長) says that because the image which the Tokyo Olympic held in 1964 strongly  stick in Japanese’s memory.

1964 Tokyo Olympic became the icon of the high grown and the mental bounce which carry out joining of the developed countries in both name and in reality.

The Olympic overcame various troubles. For example, terrorism, dispute, financial crisis, scandal, doping.

What is the idea of the Olympic? It is not to praise a human being merely good at sports.

It is the mind of the Olympic “to bring up the person who balances mind, body, intelligence and intention".  The Olympic was able to continue until today because it never forget this noble mind.

He says that the Olympic is invited, the figure of Tokyo changes.

All the taxis become an electric car, and a telephone pole may disappear from the town.

Tokyo which is kind to people and the earth in 21 century. It must possible for the Olympic to make such a town.

It can draw a concrete dream as not only the environment but also business, culture, a base of the traffic. If we miss this opportunity, there is no chance that the town of the scale like Tokyo can accomplish a big change at stretch.

He says that there are four turning points.

First is “Blooming a second time as a world financial center”. Second is “The nation understands that it is an environment nation and appeals to the world besides". Third is "The concentration of the soft power" utilized the characteristic only in Japan. Fourth is "Position improvement of sports". Though there is not the force like a period of high economic growth, there is a thing which it definitely be able to do since present Japan which continue slow developing as a developed country.

 In my opinion, I feel like he thinks about only Tokyo.

However, I believe Tokyo Olympic improves an environment of all over the country, especially Fukushima. 2020 Tokyo Olympic is held, a lot of foreign tourists will come in Japan. It is very good chance to appeal Japan. Therefore, the economy in Japan grows better. I think it may be possible that various problems solve. I’m afraid of earthquake. It is not strange for anything to happen in Japan, so I want to government to consider the measures for this problem. I’m sure that people all over the world feel insecure.

When 2020 Tokyo Olympic is held, I wish that Olympic players give people who suffered from an earthquake disaster courage and hope to see the players trying their very best and play an active part vigourously.

Either way, I want government to make effort to improve environment of Japan.



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