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I introduce about “Sanpo-yoshi”

Sanpo-yosi is a system for everybody to be satisfied.

The contents of Sanpo-yosi do not do business only for the sake of a seller's convenience, but a buyer satisfies them from the bottom of the heart, and also they contribute to development of a community, or improvement of welfare through trade.

I will explain using the example of a company of a certain Japan.

The name of the company is UNIQLO.

UNIQLO has achieved global expansion now.

I will explain the history of the UNIQLO.

Since March 1949, a Yamaguchi-based company, Ogori Shōji existed in Ube, Yamaguchi.

In May 1985, they opened a unisex casual wear store in Fukuro-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima under the name "Unique Clothing Warehouse". It was at this time that the name "Uniqlo" was born, as a contraction of "unique clothing". In September 1991, the name of the company was changed from "Ogori Shōji" to "Fast Retailing", and by April 1994, there were over 100 Uniqlo stores operating throughout Japan.

Uniqlo had begun outsourcing their clothing manufacturing to factories in China where labour was cheap, a well-established corporate practice. Japan was in the depths of a recession at the time, and the low-cost goods proved popular. Their advertising campaigns also proved fruitful.


UNIQLO is taking such measures.


I explains more.

Leave= the clothes of UNIQLO no longer wearing already are kept for a visitor.

Classify= In consideration of the climate and the cultural background of a spot, it classifies for every needs.

Deliver→It sends to all the people who need the clothes in the world with partners, such as UNHCR.

According to UNIQLO’s website,

UNIQLO is performing all the commodity recycling activities as part of CSR (corporate social responsibility) activity.

It not only produces and sells to a visitor "the dress good for this" which can be worn for a long time, but I keep goods after using it, and it reuses and recycles them.

UNIQLO also thinks that it is important duty to harness worth of dress to the utmost to the last.

Although recycling as "materials", such as an industrial use fiber, was considered at the beginning which started activity in 2006, It having been in the state which most garments kept for the visitor can still wear, and "dress" started the activity which we send to all the people that need the dress in the world as reuse from a thought that he would like to profit with "dress."

The basis of the CSR vision of "changing the world in the good direction", and we continue a challenge.

Consider new circulation of goods after using it it not only produces and sells "the dress good for this" which can be worn for a long time to the visitor who is not what is thrown away using dress, but.

UNIQLO also thinks that it is important duty to harness worth of dress to the utmost to the last.

Then, UNIQLO defines all the goods as being SHAREABLE.

Based on this idea, the dress which fulfills those needs is sent to people who need dress through all the commodity recycling activities.

The track record of all the commodity recycling activities, and deployment

The ultimate target of UNIQLO is sending the dress which fulfills the needs to all the people that need dress.

UNIQLO has sent dress to you from 2007 with UNHCR and JOICFP which connected global partnership as support to the refugee, the refugees, the disaster disaster victim, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and mother and child in the world.

The object of the support of "sending the dress of one-person one sheet and UNIQLO to all refugees" is further expanded, and donation is advanced in the form suitable for the needs of the spot in the world aiming at what "really good dress is sent to all the people that need the dress in the world for."

Many those who need dress truly are in the world still more.

The link of the support to people who live by as many of your as possible cooperating with recovery of dress in a difficult environment develops steadily.

Please give me your cooperation by all means.







I could understand the first sentence, but the last one is difficult for me to understand. Sorry. I think she reseaches about UNIQLO well. I hope that her skill will be level up.

Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry. My English is not good so I made you confused.
I will study English harder.

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