Opinions about playing a games

by Puppy on June 16, 2014 - 4:25am

Opinions of agree or disagree about playing a Games.
I disagreed about article. Because, playing the game can not be said unconditionally bad. The way of thinking that games in education were bad was all wrong to begin with in the first place.  One does not become stupid when the game is played. I think that it is the image that parents embraced against children are crazy about the game without any study. There are a lot of good parts in the game. I'll provides examples of some.
Example, we can learn knowledge pleasantly by playing a game. If you play the history game and country game, you will become good at history. Moreover, it wondering to see the events and characters appearing in the game, it worries what would happened. And it will think that want to know more.
If you play a guessing game and rhythm games and puzzle games, you will learn the logical ability and thinking ability and imagination. And, games where you can learn the study also have released recently (Math games, kanji games, brain training game, etc).
 Next, Game meets the struggle of human instinct. So, I think it has the effect of us to exude desire without wielding violence in the real life. However, there are Getting Help will bring to reality the violence in that game also is certain. I think if there is a reason that is divisible to be a game, the game will become a plus rather than a minus.
 Next, the best part of the game is fun. So, the children was crazy about game. If Children can be a game of study pleasantly, I think that rather than studying by forced, children can study pleasantly while playing the game.
After all, studying is not the kind of thing that you should be forced to do. So, children should try to learn from their own, I think games are good encouragement.


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