Omi merchants and Kumon

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First of all, Omi Merchants are a group of merchant who were from Omi, Shiga prefecture. They are famous from their belief of business. These people who started the business were originally from Shiga prefecture and they were doing business nearby Shiga. The time when Omi merchants begun, Nobunaga Oda held a policy named “Rakuichi-Rakuza.” This policy was made for the merchants in Omi and it denied the old policy and accepted the new merchants to start business in Omi. The old policy of business was to accept only certain merchants to do business. In the same time Nobunaga Oda abolition the checkpoint which took customs duty so the merchant were given many benefits from Nobunaga Oda.
The Omi Merchants had few belief of doing business. The most famous belief of them are “Sanpo-yoshi.” The meaning of the word is three way good. This means to satisfy the seller, buyer, and to make the world good. This belief was to make a good relationship with the customers and make a good community by selling things. Not to only sell and be satisfied. 
Kumon Educational Japan Co. is a global company of a cram school. This company was made in 1958. This company was made by Toru Kumon, a math teacher in a high school. In 1954, first he was only teaching his son by his handmade math questions. One year after he made a math class by his own and the year after that he made Osaka math study sociality. This was the base of the Kumon.
The Kumon’s idea is “We are finding the possibility of each people. Improving the talent we find, will make capable people and it helps the world.” The first meaning of this is to identify the student’s possibility and ability and teach them in the suitable way for them. That’s because students has their each personality and the way to teach them will be not the same. So finding the possibility means to find each students personality and give them the exact way of teaching and to understand their personality. The second meaning of this sentence is to cultivate the student to be a capable person for the world. From the growth of the world, the evolution of the human, the needs will change little by little. It’s a common understanding that the needs of people are changing and the person who has intelligence and lofty and creativity are needed too. The Kumon thinks teaching and to make them like that is the meaning of the education, so they are trying to make the position of the all-round education in the world.
The first foreign cram school of Kumon was opened in New York in U.S. in the 1974. In the next year it was opened in Taiwan. And now in 48 country, the Kumon cram school is opened. In the foreign countries they are not only teaching math but their language of one’s native country too.
From 1980 Kumon started English class. And in 1981 they started the language class. After that many classes started in Kumon like French, German, Japanese, and penmanship class. And in 2012 Baby Kumon started. This “Baby Kumon” is for the age 0 to 2. It’s for the child and the parent so can they cultivate their relationship.
The design of the logo’s O’s nickname is the “Thinking Face.” This face is the teacher, stuff, and the people involved to Kumon. It expressions that they all will think and grows. And the background’s sky color means the intelligence and honest and the feeling “Under the sky, the world is only one!”
The teaching way is unique from other cram schools in Kumon. They first give the work paper to the student. They won’t say them how to solve the questions. After the students solve the questions they will grade the paper. If they aren’t correct perfectly they have to do the mistaken part again. And if the questions are all solved the student can step up to the next paper. In this way the students can study in their own pace.
I think the way the Kumon is managing the business will lead to the Sanpo-Yoshi. They teach the children and they will be paid, and the parents pay them and their children will learn in the class of Kumon. It’s good for the world too because if the Kumon makes the children more intelligence, the future workers will be better and it will help the society to develop more and more. 
(2) 三方よしを世界に広める会 


I was astonished to read that there are also kumon schools in other countries. Although I think it is a good idea that everyone can learn in their own pace, I think it is not profitable for children to only solve questions. In my opinion, it is especially important in languages to practice speaking, too. The main purpose in learning a language, is to be able to convey one's ideas and thoughts.
And I think it is too easy for teachers to just correct the students mistakes. Another thing that I don't think to be useful to the students is, that the students don't interact with each other this way. I think learning with each other is more productive in the end than just learning one by one. Students have to learn not to be shy to use the language they learn. Further they don't train their listening.

Thank you for your comment.
I thought that only correcting the students mistakes are too easy for the teachers too.

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