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by 030 Naaaaatsu on May 19, 2014 - 4:22am

     I would like to tell you about Omi Merchants. Omi Merchants is very famous Japanese company. For example Mitsubishi and so on companies. So I want to tell you about YAMAHA Corporation. This is the famous for music instrument and motor bike and it is aware of the world.

     First of all, I am going to tell you about history of YAMAHA Corporation. According to YAMAHA’s home page, One day, there was a man who is Yamaha Torakusu. He born in 1851 on April 20th and he died in 1916 on August 8th. He was the founder of YAMAHA. He fixed the Organ. This things let him to found the company. YAMAHA Corporation has been changed to current name from Nippon music instrument Co., Ltd in 1987 on October 1st. YAMAHA Corporation whish name is dated back to the founder, Yamaha Torakusu. In 1887, he was able to fix the Organ at elementary school. In 1900, started manufacture of piano. In1954, YAMAHA had started Organ class (the forerunner of YAMAHA music piano class was Organ class) and YAMAHA have started of production about audio (HiFi player) and also YAMAHA have started making motor bike. In 1955, separation of YAMAHA Music Corporation and YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. In 1958, YAMAHA have started of production about sports supplies. In 1959, electronic organ was made. In 1960, founded YAMAHA International Corporation (YAMAHA Corporation of America) in America. In 1966, the YAMAHA MUSIC FOUNDATION was to start functioning. And also YAMAHA Corporation found YAMAHA EUROPE in West Germany. In 1989, TENSHIN YAMAHA Electronic Music instrument was founded in China. In 2002, YAMAHA music sound of management (investment) company was found in China also YAMAHA music holdings Europe (YAMAHA music Europe) was founded in Germany.

     Next, I will tell you about many branch offices of YAMAHA in the whole world. YAMAHA Corporation has a lot of branch offices. So I would like to introduce it. There are YAMAHA Corporation of America, YAMAHA commercial audio systems, YAMAHA music interactive, YMH digital music publishing and Line 6 in California of America. There is YAMAHA artist services in New York. There is YAMAHA Canada music in Toronto of Canada. There is YAMAHA de Mexico in Mexico. There is YAMAHA music Latin America in Panama Panama. There is YAMAHA music Europe in Germany. There is France branch in France. There is Italy branch in Milano. Other, YAMAHA has branch in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, The U.K., Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, Turkey, Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Russia, Australia and so on countries. In this way, YAMAHA is very famous.

     Thirdly, I am going to tell you about evaluation of foreign countries people. There are many comments, for example, “YAMAHA’s piano has very good efficiency.” And also Japanese people proud of YAMAHA.

Finally, I would like to tell you about Hatsune Miku. This is software which we are able to make original song and music. She is produced by YAMAHA. YAMAHA made VOCALOID which is software of sound source and this is could synthetic of Voice. The VOCALOID singing synthesizer technology is categorized as concatenative synthesis, which splices and processes vocal fragments extracted from human singing voices in the frequency domain. Hatsune Miku is virtual idol (virtual singer). She is not only very famous in Japan and also in America and so on countries. She had concert in America. There were many people in this concert. There is costume player who wear Hatsune miku’s costume. 

In conclusion, YAMAHA Corporation is very famous in the world. Now, piano which is made by YAMAHA has good performance the same as other famous music instrument company’s piano. So YAMAHA became a major company. And YAMAHA will grow up in the future.


My name is Andrei and I'm currently attending The College of Westchester in New York. I like that you described Yamaha as leading world brand. I love Yamaha motorcycles and used to own one few years back. The company itself is very popular in United States and lots of people also have many musical instruments made by Yamaha or recreational vehicles. The brand expanded itself well and placed trust in consumers. When one purchasing Yamaha, they know they getting quality and reliability.

Thank you for reading and left the comment♥ I also love YAMAHA's music instluments because I use the piano made by YAMAHA. I had learned play the piano since I was 3 years old. And then I was very surprised because The United States people are awere of YAMAHA. So I am very happy.

Thank you for reading and left the comment♥ I also love YAMAHA's music instluments because I use the piano made by YAMAHA. I had learned play the piano since I was 3 years old. And then I was very surprised because The United States people are awere of YAMAHA. So I am very happy.

Hi Natsuki,

I learned how to play on a guitar when I was around twelve but I was always interested to learn how to play on a piano. May be one day I take some lessons and buy a Yamaha keyboard. I guess time will show. Thanks for a reply.

hello natuki!! nice to meet you. i'm interested in your article. i think YaMAHA is most popular music campany in japan.
i was surprise when read your YAMAHA histoly. it is interesting.
thank you!!!!!!

Thank you reading my topic and leave comment. I was happy that you became know YAMAHA.

Omi Merchant relates to the concept of business being good for 1) the company, 2) the consumer and 3) the environment and society. I think from reading your paper that Yamaha is proof of this concept being a very good business model. The product is of very good quality so the consumer can be confident they are getting quality at a good price. Yamaha can be assured of future sales and continued business. I do not see how they are helping the environment or society. Can you tell me please?

I feel YAMAHA is very popular music company. I feel the image of the piano when I heard YAMAHA. But I think YAMAHA's musical instrument is very expensive. But I think YAMAHA's musical instrument is very good. I'd like to listen YAMAHA's musical instrument's voice.

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