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by 020 Koki on May 19, 2014 - 4:18am

     I introduce Omi merchants and Sanpo-yoshi. Omi merchants is a merchant from Omi country, Shiga that was active from the Kamakura era through the Showa era mainly. It is one of the Japan’s three biggest merchants. It was active at the start around a small area. Then it let the all over Japan gradually escalate an activity area and business, and the person who performed trading ship authorized by the shogunate-licensed trading appeared among them. There are many things which pull the genealogy of Omi merchants in today’s big company. The commercial law of Omi merchants is evaluated to have been distribution revolution by the thorough rationalization. It is thought and the action philosophy of Omi merchants.

     What is Sanpo-yoshi? It is a Japanese famous and traditional precept in commercial field. The word was born in Omi district in the late 16th century. The word means “A seller is good”, “A buyer is good” and “Society is good”. A seller and a buyer satisfy them together, and it means that contribution to society is the business that should be possible. They showed the knowledge of Omi merchants. It is very famous words in Japan. It comes true “A buyer is good” by forestalling the needs of the customer, and incorporating it in a system. It achieves “A seller is good” such as sales increase and the cost cut. Furthermore, it makes the organization which contributes to the society and accomplish “Society is good”.  

     Honda and Yamato Holdings which let a company succeed along “Sanpo-yoshi” idea are representative. It is the fuel saving in Honda “car navigation system cloud”. Honda greatly switched a car navigation system strategy in 2011. What kind of merit does the charge-free of the communication rate bring a merit to Honda oneself who is "a buyer", Honda car user who is "a seller" and "society"? The sale incomes of an optional article having high profit rate increase by the function improvement of the car navigation system for Honda. It becomes the tool which a dealer keeps the customer point of contact. The calculation function of the car navigation system improves by a cloud for the Honda car user. It is able to thereby arrive at the destination early. It comes to understand a low fuel consumption route. It is able to grasp the intersections where hitting the brakes is frequent by accumulating, and analyzing the run date of the car into a cloud, and it is able to reduce an accident. It brought three persons a merit by using the information system smart.

     It gathers information for every 5 minutes. An inter-navigator wearing car collects own position or speed as “a sensor”. The server which Honda holds draws up the information regularly and accumulates data. And it analyzes information depending on the request of the user in a server side and display a result to car navigation system screen. It is able to deliver more detailed road information and route guidance to a car navigation system if it analyzes information in the cloud which is able to gain computing power flexibly. Such analysis is difficult in the car navigation system simple substance. This is because the processing capacity of the CPU which a car navigation system is equipped. But it was a problem until now rates of to increase depending on the communication number of times. Therefore it is said that only around one time had many users who do not update information an hour. It allowed you to collect run data by default every five minutes by offering it free. The aim of Honda is right here. The VICS information that a general car navigation system uses covers only a main highway and expressway. On the other hand, I collect it in the time required when many cars really ran a bypath with the inter-navigation and it adds the VICS information and calculate the most suitable route. The precision of the traffic jam prediction increases in comparison with a general car navigation system so that data to collect increase, and real time increases more. A result, the user of the inter-navigator is able to arrive early to the destination and lead to improvement of the practical in-use fuel economy.

     I think that Sanpo-yosi is very good thought. I want the Japanese company to succeed at this concept.


I think that the VICS navigation system follows the Sanpo-yoshi very faithfully.I didn't know before reading this post that the navigation system sends the information to analyze it and to use it for the map. I think the Sanpo-yoshi is a good policy and the company should follow it too. I enjoyed reading this post, thank you.

I am glad to you read well. You're very kind. Thank you.

I think his sentence is very good, because it is easy to understand. His contents is used by the various apprppriate grammers and easy words. Moreover he explained that Omi merchant and Honda very well. I want to write sentence like him.

Because I am not good at writing English, I wrote a simple sentence. It was good to say that it was easy to read. I am happy because you praise me. Thank you!

Because I am not good at writing English, I wrote a simple sentence. It was good to say that it was easy to read. I am happy because you praise me. Thank you!

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