Omi Merchant

by 031Azusa on May 19, 2014 - 4:12am

Do you know Omi merchant?

A merchant from Oomi country, Shiga that the merchant from Omi runs mainly in (earlier period of war in particular) from the Kamakura era to Showa era, and was active. It is one of the Japan's three biggest merchants with Osaka merchant, Ise merchant.

They have motto. It is Sampoo Yoshi. In detail, 「A seller is good」「A buyer is good」「An appearances is good」 are  “Sampoo Yoshi of three goods. “People do not do business only for the circumstances of the seller and a buyer is satisfied from the heart and must contribute to an increase of development and the public welfare of the community through business more.


Now that there are a lot of Japanese businesses. There are a lot of companies stepping forward abroad too. I will explain about The JAN group.


The ideology of the JAL group is" First, we pursue the happiness of discretion both sides of all employees and we offer the best service to the visitor." "Second, we raise a corporate value and contribute to social progress development.” Based on it, we establish the corporate governance system showing transparency of high management and a strong management monitoring function at the same time to determine "JAL philosophy", and to perform appropriate managerial decisions quickly and act for the improvement of the corporate value and carry out accountability.

There is it when "I offer the best service to the visitor", but this means that I provide world's best safety, appointed hour characteristics, comfort, convenience to a visitor. When "I raise a corporate value and contribute to social progress development," there is it, but means that I carry out the responsibility as the social member by all we employees having strong profit consciousness and mind of the dauntlessness indomitability as for this, and repeating an effort by a fair method, and giving profit, and performing stockholder allotment, the tax payment, contribution to society.

t is the existence base of the JAL group, and the safe navigation is a social duty.

The JAL group commits all kinds of strong-willed will of the management and the cause of the awareness of own role and responsibility of employee each one, knowledge and the ability to achieve a mission of the ensuring safety and accomplishes navigation of one flight one flight surely.


Therefore we act as follows.


   First, I observe a rule and accomplish duties in basics faithfully.

   Second, I confirm it by all means without depending on a guess.

   Third, I convey the information exactly promptly without exception and secure transparency.

   Forth, I cope with a problem, a problem quickly and precisely.

   Fifth, With a critical mind, I always challenge a necessary change daringly.


The cabin attendant confirms the usage of the role and emergency equipment product in the each person's security in the plane before boarding. In addition, I perform the positive image building using the picture about the preparation, the escape method of the visitor when an airplane falls into an emergency state.

A number necessary for the place where an emergency equipment product is right is prepared when I get in an airplane or checks it at a door (emergency exit) whether there is not abnormality. I confirm the cleaning situation in a meal to offer to the visitor, a drink, a service article and the plane afterwards.

By the meeting with the pilot, I confirm it about a flight route and weather, a forecast of the rolling other than an emergency correspondence procedure, information about the preservation and plan it to be able to serve it safely. When I perform the preservation check in the plane and get ready for all, I invite a visitor

Before the taking off and landing, a visitor closes a seat belt or confirms whether the baggage is put away properly. I always pay attention whether the guest room does not have abnormality, or a bad visitor of the physical condition does not come during a flight. When it is got out of shape, and a visitor is injured, I give first aid using a medical kit had always ready before an opportunity concerned.
After having arrived at the destination, I look back on overall flight and comprise the point where I noticed for talks, the next boarding between cabin attendants.


I think the business carry out the best Sanpo Yoshi.



I sometimes go to Itami airport to see airplanes.
I feel Japan Airlines staff (e.g fright attendant, etc) is very cool people.
I think Airlines Job is very hardworking.
But I feel airline job is very good job.

Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad of understanding that the JAL is good work.

I can understand what is Sanpo-yoshi.
I think JAL is very good company too but I have never use JAL's airplane.
However, when I read your article I think I want to use JAL's airplane next time.

Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad of understanding about the JAL.
I want to go trip in the JAL's airplane.
Let's make a plan!


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