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Japanese omi merchants is very famous in japan. Because omi merchants is a model of Japanese many company. For example, Takasimaya, Fujisaki, Toyota and so on.
It is one of Japan's three major merchants, along with Osaka merchant Ise merchant. Sometimes popularly referred to as Omi merchant entrepreneurs Shiga Prefecture today. People from Aichi County (Aichi River, Edamura), Gamo-gun (Yawata Hino), and Kanzaki County (Goka Shaw Notogawa) is a large number. Activities Honai merchant who based the Tokuchinho (Enryaku territory manor) among them has become a precursor of Omi merchants. You have been making peddling around the neighboring areas, such as Kyoto, Mino country Ise countries and Wakasa country is early days, but expanded to Japan business activities and community gradually, even the person who does the trading ships licensed by the shogunate trade in appeared. Usually referred to as Omi merchants that of merchants worked in advance to Omi abroad, merchant activity area is limited to domestic Omi were distinguished is called "the land trade." Something that catches the genealogy of Omi merchants also in the large companies of today are many. Edo is jealous from the business acumen, it was despised as "Omi beggar thief Ise" with merchants, but faith in the gods is hot, who respecting the moral discipline was often Omi merchants of fact. Action philosophy discipline and moral variety produced, from generation to generation was reported as a motto for each merchant each. Anecdotes Omi successful tradesman or donated to shrines and temples to private property, or when you invest in public works in the region have also been left in large numbers. Establishment of true and invented double-entry bookkeeping of the world's highest level, also run hotel at the time of the contract of "large duty fellow" system, such as the establishment of aggressive store openings, Eda-ten close to the idea of chain stores the current Commercial Code of Omi merchants it is estimated it was a distribution revolution by streamlining thorough. Omi merchants has tree concept. It is sanpo-yoshi. One of the family precepts of Omi shonin is known to be that of 'Sanpo yoshi' (benefit for all three sides), which teaches that in their business the merchant should take into consideration the benefits for the customer, society, and the vendor at the same time. The regional merchant culture gave birth to the 'Sanpo-yoshi' principle ('good in three directions' meaning that commerce should not only benefit the buyer and the seller but also society as a whole) a business concept that emerged from the experiences of the merchants who engaged in trade with other regions of the country. A s d f g e w f a d r f s e a d r
This indicates that there is to spare without wasting a "kill", it is used a long time as long as may really be the one that can cost even if not just stingy, to think about things in the long term. Also, to tackle seriously the phrase "pull one's shit together". It is a concept that not only for the results you have worked hard in its mission to "spill your" income me commercial supremacy and so on.
For example is the Yanmar.
Yammar is very famous all of the world.


I think your article is good but you have to distribute paragraph.
If you do so it, this becomes more better.
I don't know "Yanmar". What is this?
Which is right "Yanmar" or "Yammar"?

Thank you for looking my topic.
I'm going study hard more.
Yanmar the spelling is Yanmar.
I'm happy to you understood about omi marchants.

Hi. I'm nenji. I think that your article is very good. You can reserch about Omi marchants very well. I don't know about it, but I can understand.

Hi.I'm Masaya. Thank you for looking my topic.
I'm happy to you understood about omi marchants.

Hi my name is Andrei,

I read your article about omi merchant and for most part I understand why companies choose to follow this rules. It provides a customer or a vendor with better experience in hope for future transactions. All businesses around the word should put consumers first and listen to their needs. Happy customer means successful business. Good job on the paper.

I enjoyed your article. Before I red your article, I haven't know about Omi machan.
I could learn what is omi marchan from yours.
I think "Sanpo- yoshi" is important for the compnay today. They should take it care to make benefits for the customer, society, and the vendor at the same time.

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