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Kozumozu shrike

The Kozumozu shrike Kansai food bank which lived in this district of Kansai seemed to put power together last year for free.
, to distribute food of 300,000 kilos for the people who was not endowed who lived in this district. 
When the government reduces government spending, as for thinking, Kozu shrike Kansai food bank watches that a neighbor suffers without enough food and I am sad and think that this NGO activity is splendid and hold out a hand to people. People of the volunteer seemed to do the following understanding about this reality. In other words I was a lot, and it was rich in the other, and I was, and, among these people, there was a difference, and the people who were not troubled with life thought that it was the reality that it enlarged, and the people whom it was awkward for that I was not blessed with this society decided it when you must do anything for this.
Chief director of the Kozumozu shrike, Berry Waieto said as follows. "There was the single mother who thought that it was that it was too ashamed to ask the people who lived in the neighborhood in Osaka-city "to help us" last year". She has starved to death with a baby. Because he/she reported this in news, I awoke many people who watched it. It has the case which does not show to other people that another person is poor clearly that "" people noticed. Even so, it cannot be said that people and children are not troubled. The neighbor had the custom that I took care of each other in old days. Therefore because there is traditional cultural heritage to help each other as for the people living in the neighborhood each other, I remember it, and time to return to it is it. The poor people seem to exceed 16% in ".

Komonzu shrike summer internship
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