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     I would like to tell you about tell you about Hunger people in the world. There are many hunger people in both of the developing and developed country. This issue is very serious. So I want you to know this issue.

     First of all I am going to tell you about starvation. Starvation is meaning suffering or death caused by lack of food. For example Malnutrition is caused by a luck of food and then the state in which the maintenance of physical conditions difficult.

     Second, I would like to tell you about the present situation in starvation. People of 4~50000 people (the more than 15 million people per year) have died on the 1 day the causes of starvation and then 70 percent of them are children. There are almost the hunger people live in developing countries of the southern hemisphere.  There are 3 reasons for starvation. Generally speaking, first is that the grain is in livestock feed. Second reason is gap between the rich and the poor. Finally, agricultural methods. Afghanistan, African countries and Asia countries have a lot of hunger people. In Afghanistan, September 11th attacks on September 11th in 2001. It accident became the center of public attention. The American army went and attack Afghanistan because the suspect of September 11th attacks might be hidden in Afghanistan. In addition, there were civil wars, disputes and so on. And more, there are natural disaster for instance a drought, a flood and so on. These things came in succession then, starvation was become. In 2001, October, 6 million people are suffering from hunger including internally Displaced Persons. In the African countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa. To be concrete, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and so on countries. These countries has frequently regional conflict, Ethnic conflict, natural disaster cased of abnormal weather and so on. In Asia countries, in specially, India, Pakistan and so on in Western Asia, Cambodia, North Korea and so on, in Southeast Asia. These countries have drought, flood and so on.

     Next, I am going to tell you about luck of food. Why are there hunger people in the world? Why are there not a lot of food? We live in Japan. We have a lot of food. Also other developed countries have food. So why are there not food in developing country. In Japan, we import 55 million metric tons of food from abroad per a year. There are foods in japan, more than half of the food is imported foods from abroad. But Japanese people throw away 18 million metric tons of foods per a year. General a family in Japan, it’s throw away the total sum of leftover food are 11 trillion yen. Japanese people lived high on the hog. I think that Japanese people should not throw away foods. And then we should not buy the food more than necessary. And also we should donate some of food for country which has hunger people. There in a word which is “Mottainai” in Japan. I think that this word has great meaning. Mottainai spirits are proud by other a lot of country. So Japanese people do not forget this spirits. We can do something for hunger people even if this is very little things.

     Finally, I would like to tell you about what should we do that help hunger people. The Japanese International Food for the Hungry which is Japanese company. It has vending machines. The part of the sales of this vending machine (¥10 per bottle), is used to help the people of Africa who suffer from poverty and hunger. This active is called “Zero Hunger Africa”.  And Then Kozmoz is organization which help them. In this way, some organization help them.

     In conclusion, we should be aware of many of hunger people live in the world. And then we should find to help something for them.    (643 words)







Nice work! I really like the topic you chose to discuss about. In fact, it is a very important issue. We all need food and water to survive. It is unfortunate that there are some countries where there is lack of proper food which leads to a number of deaths in this world. I believe it is essential to raise awareness and to help in some way or another to reduce this problem. In the last couple of months, I've been reading a lot about homeless people, and it deals with similar problems. They do not have a shelter, food or any proper clothing. I've been writing about this issue hoping to raise awareness as well. Anyways, great work! Keep it up!

Thank you for reading and left your comment! I am also think that hunger problem is very serious problem. So I think that we should do something for hunger people but it is difficlut. However I want to do domething for them. I hope that the hunger people become decriasing.

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