by 010 Takahiro on June 30, 2014 - 4:23am

To tell the truth, in Japan, there are many people who are hungry. If you are before lunch, of course you are very hungry but I will pick up the people who are in more serious problem. 16%. Can you understand what number this is? This number shows the people in serious hunger in Japan. It means one out of seven people is suffering from hunger.

Their causes of hunger are almost problem of money. If they have a lot of children, of course, they spend much money to buy writing implement or clothes. If they are sick, they spend a lot of money to buy medicine, so they don’t have money to buy their foods. A lot of people, of course, there are a lot of children were dead by starvation. You know, Japan is one of the countries of developed country but some people cannot earn enough money to have food regularly because they cannot receive the money which is given by country as assistance. In the course of nature, the people who cannot earn money because of their sick or disability can receive assistant money from government but a lot of them are persuaded to cancel to receive assistant money by official worker. They avoid canceling at first but they think gradually that they are wrong because they don’t work. Finally, they forced to say to cancel to receive assistant money. It means a lot of people were killed by Japanese government.

The cause of hunger isn’t only poor. Usually, starvation happens in developing countries but Japan has it. In Japan, we had a problem about throwing by needless foods. A lot of foods were thrown because they were exceeded our ability to consume them and also their expiration or best-before date are over. Japanese who have a lot of money want every foods safety. We never eat rotten foods and never make dishes from rotten foods. I know the expiration and best-before are simply rough indication but some Japanese cannot think the foods which are over their expiration or best-before are safety. The foods which are treated as “rotten food” are thrown. For this situation, it is called as “food satiation”. By the same token, food satiation is gained by a lot of fast food shop. For example, at McDonald, they throw by French fries in seven minutes after they have cooked. A lot of customer said “the French fries of McDonald are very mellow. They must be going on a lot of time.” So they decided to throw by it in seven minutes. There are also problems at every convenience store but every company which product a lot of food satiation treats their food satiation as “trash”.

I guess all of you who read this article up to here think the people who cannot eat regularly should get foods from these companies. I also think it is very easier way to get food than buying foods. Though, every Japanese think taking foods from trash is the way of basket scrambler or homeless people. Actually, a lot of people who died caused by hunger leaved a diary which was written about how they feel hungry but they said they didn’t want to receive any foods from other people because they weren’t wanted them as they were basket scrambler.

Therefore, I guess perhaps you think a lot of people who cannot buy food must die. My answer is NO. We can help them through volunteer activities. KOZMOZ or other volunteer organizations have activities to help the people. In the future, I hope there are no people who have starvation. 

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I'm a university student in Japan. I like Japanese Rock music. My favorite rock musician is ONE OK ROCK. They make me remember what I have forgotten.