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    I write it about world hunger. Hunger is speech to express the social situation of the person who lives for fear of it that experiences physical sense of hunger frequently. The malnutrition is the situation caused by inappropriate meal and nourishment. The famine is the extensive famine that may fulfill every fauna. This is accompanied by malnutrition, starvation, an epidemic, the increase in death rate. The hunger is a physical fatigue state due to a famine. This is in near death.

     “One of seven people starves every day in the world. There are 800 million people suffering from starvation.” 800 million people still suffer from hunger in the world. 2 billion people of chronic malnutrition. 18 million people who gets sick because of the starvation and the starvation, and die. Half is caused by malnutrition every year though 10 million children younger than five years die. But food is not insufficient reason in the whole earth. The food which all humankind are able to only eat enough is produced every year. Anyone is able to eat enough if food is distributed between all equally.

     War and political sleaze cause starvation. If food is enough, I will think why. One is result of the politics. There is the country which neglects even if the nation starves in one’s country. Only leaders may live a luxurious life. As for the military dispute of the starvation become a big cause. The government buys a weapon than food if fought. The transportation of the food is not made dangerous, and the agriculture is not possible. Furthermore, the starvation greatly disturbs the economic development of the country. The efficiency of the work rises simply because people eat properly. People do not even work if they starve. Therefore economy is delayed.

     How can people save people from the hunger? The rich developed country aids such countries with the food which remained. It does not mean that people solve starvation when they take a long view of this though it is necessary. In Afghanistan, the price of wheat has fallen by the result that wheat had been sent to in large quantities by the United Nations. Farmers troubled with life have begun to cultivate opium profitable more. The famine will not change in this. If there is not little starvation, economy looks up, and the incomes of people increase. People will become able to solve a famine by their power if it is able to happen. It is important to help so that they become independent. The problem of the starvation leads to poverty, war, the problem of the difference. The opium is a drug. I think that should prohibit cultivating it.

     Next I write about Kozmoz. Kozmoz was established for a developed country including the United States sharing the wealth with developing countries in 1980. I chose the next article. “300,000 kgs delivered in 2013!” I write this article summary. “Last year Kozmoz and the community members of Kansai joined forces to provide over 300,000 kg of food products to the less fortunate in their community absolutely for free. People realized that just because a person does not have obvious signs of distress, we cannot take for granted that our next door neighbor and their children are doing fine. Traditionally, we were involved with our neighbors and it is time for us to return to our cultural heritage of helping each other.” A current poverty ratio is more than 16% and it means that there is seven one of the people around us in an economic suffering. This article is written about the activity of the Kozmoz Kansai food bank. They matched power to distribute food of 300,000 kilos for the people who were not endowed free. I am glad as a person from same Kansai. There was the news that a single mother and a baby starved to death. I think it that it is too bad. In addition, they have a thought same as me, too. And they began the help of people who suffered from such a single mother and poverty. I want to make every possible effort for them. The present conditions that one of seven people suffers from hunger are sad. I want such a group to do its best to improve this.











I think that he research the topic well. He writes about poverty which includes problem and solution and his thinking. Thiis is nice.

I'm glad to your opinion. Thank you!

I'm glad to your opinion. Thank you!

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