Greatest Japanese tennis players

by 017 shiina on June 5, 2014 - 1:19am

I want to write about greatest tennis player in Japan
How do you know the Japanese tennis players?
I want to teach about famouse Japanese tennis player of three people.
At first, I want to write about SHUZOU MATSUOKA, he was born November 6th in 1967, his told is 188centimeter.
He is man who personality is very passionate.
He was a player that a very bold play style, his speed of service is more than 200km while being Japanese, it is surprise.
SHUZO’s vest world singles ranking is 46, doubles ranking’s vest is 95, it was very good record in japan at that time, but he can’t ranking up so much, because he was injured many times.
His father also play the tennis that was played an active part in japan.
SHUZOU was don’t like study and homework in elementary school student, but passion of tennis is very hot.
At now, he is retired and start the tennis club named “SHUZO challenge”, and he has appeared often on the TV.

SHUZOU’s achievement
Total score in his life    173 wins   207 losses
Singles total      145wins    136 losses
Doubles total      28 wins   44losses
Lifelong prize money.  About $1.117.122
Vest achievement
U.S. Open   two round
Australian Open   two round
British Open    best 8
French Open   two round

 KEI NISHIKORI was born December 29th in 1989.
I think he is greatest tennis player in Japanese history
NISHIKORI was started playing tennis when he was 5 old, he was member of the “SHUZOU challenge”
Defeated the first place men's singles rankings for the first time in Japanese, he has updated the Japanese record by this. 10 in the world singles rankings now, is the world's Ranked # 9 is the highest record in japan.
I believe about NISHIKORI’s ranking is more up and more.
There is a story in a very unyielding personality of NISHIKORI, and lost the first seed of sixth grade elementary school in the tournament at the time of the elementary school, and went home crying to him.
When NISHIKORI 17 old, he became professional tennis player.
He has issued a record number of 100 and enters the world ranking position within three months and 18 years of age.
His play style is like the Andy marry play style, it is rally and techniques.

KEI’s achievement
KEI’s vest world singles ranking 9
Vest world Doubles ranking 167
Lifelong prize money about$3.466.178
Vest achievement
U.S. Open   three round
Australian Open   best 8
British Open     fourth round
French Open    fourth round


DATE KURUMU KIMIKO was born September 28th, she from Kyoto city in Kyoto,  She is a player who entered the first world ranking top 10 in the history of women's tennis player from Asia.
She’s husband is from Germany, his name is MIHAERU KURUMU.
KURUMU called “Raising sun”, because she’s vest shot is Raising shot, it is difficult play. So she called raising sun.
She retired in eighth place ranking in retirement declared September 12, 1996, but decided to return to active duty April 6, 2008, and revived in active service at 37 years old.

KURUMU’s achievement
KURUMU’s best world women’s singles ranking 4
                World doubles ranking 33
Vest achievement
U S open    BEST4
Australian open   BEST4
British open   BEST4
French open   BEST4

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