The global warming's problem

by 005 Yohei on July 7, 2014 - 3:57am

Global warming is a serious problem in this world. There are several reasons that it’s a problem and all of them are because it’s destroying the earth’s nation. This problem is really serious but some country don’t do anything or don’t try to help to reduce the damage of global warming. If global warming continues gradually the earth will be weaker and weaker. I want to explain what the main problem is, and what we should do to prevent global warming.

The First problem is that as the name “global warming,” implies, the temperature will be hotter than now. And now is hotter than previous years. All over the world the temperature is rising. From 1880 to 2012 the average temperature of the world has increased 0.85℃. If the global warming continues to 2100, the temperature will increase 4.8℃. And the raising temperature will cause many problems.

The second problem is the abnormal weather. All over the world weather is abnormal. By the abnormal temperature North Pole’s ice is melting. And the animals which lives on the ice in the North Pole won’t be able to live there and will die. This is caused by the raising temperature. Because of the temperature increasing the ice on Greenland’s land is melting. And the surface of the sea will raise, and Italy’s city Venice might sink in the future because of the melted ice. Now in Venice the problem isn’t so serious but if the raising temperature continues and the ice melting will increase, all of the city will sink in the sea. And like in North Pole nearly the temperature is raising in the twice of the speed of the average raising speed. The Inuit’s life is changing like they see dolphins, which weren’t living in the North Pole’s sea before, and accidents are increasing. The contents of the accident is the ice breaks easier than before so it cracks and people fall down into the sea and die s. The atmosphere is changing in many countries so this is really a serious problem.

The next problem is about food. The country which isn’t emitting greenhouse gas as much as the big countries’ like the U.S. or China is having more problems than the big countries who are emitting greenhouse gas. In Africa the amount of greenhouse gas is 1/10 compared to Japan, but the abnormal weather is happening and it is unnaturally drier. The plants need rain to grow and to be able to harvest but it won’t rain so the abnormal weather is giving impact to the African people. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) says that in 2020, because of the global warming the agricultural crop yields of the agriculture which uses rain water will decrease 50 percent.

There are many ways to prevent global warming, which we can do. In our living way we have six easy ways to prevent the global warming, and the first way is to not raise the heating temperature too much and do not lower the temperature of the air conditioner. If we raise the cool temperature or lower the warm temperature of the air conditioner, the year emissions of the CO2 will decrease 32.5kilo gram and we can save about 1,833 yen. The next is to close the faucet often. By this action we can decrease 69kg of CO2 and can save 7,117 yen. The third way is to not use the car too much. Like when we are idling 0.014 litter of gasoline is used per minutes. If we stop it the CO2 will decrease 38.6kilo gram and can save 1,932 yen a year. The fourth way is to buy eco products. For an example to buy a new refrigerator that doesn’t use as much electric energy as the older one. The fifth way is to not receive the plastic bags when you are shopping in the grocery store. If we use the bags we bring, we can decrease 58.3kilo grams of CO2. The final way is to unplug appliances which we won’t use often. In this way we can prevent accident by the dust and can decrease 60.1kilo gram of CO2 and can save 3,388 yen.

I think global warming is a serious problem and we have to do something. But doing something big, like making a very ecological machine, or make a law to prevent the global warming is too hard. So we have to do things that we can do. We just need to know the global warming’s risk and how to prevent it even it’s only slightly effectively.





地球温暖化 原因や対策について

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