Global warming

by 031Azusa on July 7, 2014 - 4:31am

I’m going to talk about global warming. Recently, unusual weather has been happening all over the world. I read one article, ”Effects will become more obvious as Japan ‘s climate changes”. According to the article, “annual average air temperatures nationwide rose by a rate equivalent to 1.15°C per century between 1898 and 2010. This is considerably higher than the global average temperature rise of 0.74°C over the last century”. It is the dangerous condition. Why did the earth change so? It was influenced by greenhouse gas, which includes carbon dioxide and methane gas. Almost all of the people use something, which releases carbon dioxide. If we don’t stop the emission, the earth will be destroyed. Well then, I will talk about three ways to solve the earth’s problem. Let’s start!


First, let's wear cool clothes and make the air-conditioner's temperature a little higher in cool clothes in the summer. I always open a window and draw air now, so I try not to use the air conditioner. If I can’t stand the hot weather, I use the electric fan. For a room of 6 tatamis, I can reduce carbon dioxide by approximately 13 kg in the summer s when I raise the setting temperature of the air conditioner 1 degree Celsius. On the other hand, let's wear hot clothes and make the air-conditioner's temperature a little lower in the winter. In the 6 tatamis room, it is possible that I can reduce carbon dioxide by approximately 22 kg in winter s when I lower the temperature setting of the air-conditioner by 1 degree Celsius. If we keep this habit every year, we can help the earth and save money. These are just some advantages!


Secondly, let's walk and use a bicycle for the near places, on the other hand, let's use a bus and train for the far-off places. However, it is inconvenience not to use our car in this century because my mother and father always use their car in order to go to their office. I also will get my driver’s license this summer. After that, I will go to school and go on a trip with my friends using my car. In short, it is necessary for us to spend our time comfortably in our life, so I think we should turn the engine off when the car is stopping so as to wait for traffic lights. It is said “idling stop”. I think I can’t reduce using my car because I want to have an easy life. Thus, I’m going to take advantage of “idling stop”.


Thirdly, let’s refuse to be given a plastic bag. Recently, we have never received one in the all supermarkets. We have to pay a little money if we want one, so we should bring own bag. It is called “eco bag”. It is good for customers to be forced to be use d the eco bag. However we can receive a plastic bag in convenience stores, hundred yen stores and so on.

I think there are many customers who don’t want plastic bag because I usually see those who throw one away with garbage. I was disappointed by these people. I think the plastic bag is not garbage. It worthy merchandize as well, so you should keep one until the day comes when they need it and use it, although you threw one away earlier. 


I introduced three points how to solve the earth’s problem in my opinion. There are a lot of methods that we can do something in our life. They are not difficult. I ‘m going to show people as I do the points. If I try to do a little, my friends and parents will be influenced by my action. I ‘m happy to increase the number of people who will cooperate in the movement, which prevents global warming. I think it is the same thing s as a saving money to reduce carbon dioxide. If you make a better living, you should take do the movement every day.  In fact, there are not only these points on how to solve the earth’s problem. We can take other actions. Let’s think about a lot of actions. I ‘m afraid of unusual weather. I hope to solve the problem of global warming, and I want to go back to the usual weather.



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