Global Warming

by 020 Koki on July 7, 2014 - 4:23am

Global Warming

I will write problems and the present conditions of the global warming, and I think about what we should do in future. The global warming is the phenomenon that the atmosphere and the marine average temperature of the earth surface rise to in the long term. It changes temperature and water temperature, and it is said that it causes an ascent of sea level, a change of the precipitation and the pattern change. It may let it increase, and the intense abnormal weather such as a flood and a drought, intense heat or the hurricane increase. The possibility to cause the large-scale extinction of the straight seed is pointed out. In perspective it is predicted that the global warming greatly influences a climate and ecosystem of the whole earth. The current earth becomes warmest in the past 1400 years. This phenomenon that temperature and seawater temperature rise on a global scale, and a glacier and an ice sheet reduce namely global warming is accompanied by the change of various climates such as the increase of not only the rise of average temperature but also an abnormality high temperature and a heavy rain, the drought. The influence has already appeared in the natural ecosystem and human being society including the influence on change and aquatic resources and farm products of the creature activity caused by early coming of spring. It is expected that the temperature of the earth will rise more in the future, and it is thought that more serious influence produces it with water, ecosystem, food, an area along the shore, health.

Various nature, society which the change of a climate expected that it takes place in several hundred years from one and the next dozens of years of these late years brings builds the cooperation system with all the countries of the world for economical influence and must find a solution. This is the issue of global warming.

What kind of problem does it have? It accumulate heat to go from the surface of the earth such as the sea or the land outside the earth in the atmosphere, and, to greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide included in the atmosphere, there is a property (the greenhouse effect) to return to the surface of the earth again. After a start of the Industrial Revolution of the mid-18th century, the density of atmospheric greenhouse gas suddenly increased by use of the fossil fuel by human activities or a decrease in forest. It is thought that the atmospheric greenhouse effect was strengthened by this greenhouse gas which suddenly increased with a cause of the global warming.

What is the solution? We stop useless idling. We follow court speed. We do the air pressure of the tire appropriately. We do not pile up useless baggage. We stop the racing. We make an upshift early. We stop illegal parking to result in a traffic jam. We refrain from the use of the air-conditioner. We use public transport. The air conditioner has high 1 degree Celsius, and 1 degree Celsius is low, and the heating sets it. We stop wait electricity. We reduce a shower for one minute a day. We use the remainder bath of the bath for washing. We stop thermal insulation of cooking rice. A family spends it in the same room. We avoid a walk, a thing of the excessive packing with a shopping bag. We reduce time to look for TV.




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