Global Warming

by 040 Moe on July 7, 2014 - 4:01am

     Do you know that the earth is in a seriously poor condition? The earth is suffering from warming now. We should know about the earth. And we should know about the sun. I think that the global warming is a scream of the earth. What can we do? And, what is the cause of global warming? Do we have any good ways to improve it? I know global warming, but I do not know very much about global warming. So as for this report, it has a meaning for me very much.

     The global warming is the phenomenon that the earth becomes warm. Temperature and seawater temperature are rising still now. And Arctic ice melts under the influence of warming. I was surprised very much when I knew of it. If all the arctic ice melts, what will happen? I think that it has an influence to the whole earth. The rise in temperature is serious, so that arctic ice begins to melt. Well, how about the ice of the South Pole? It is said that ice of the South Pole does not melt. Why will it be said? The South Pole is called “Antarctic Continent”, and there is a continent. Ice continues increasing at the South Pole. This contradiction is being studied now.

     Next, I researched the cause of global warming. The main cause is increase in greenhouse gases. After the start of the Industrial Revolution, the density of greenhouse gas increased by the use of fossil fuels and deforestation. By the greenhouse gas exponential increase, the atmospheric greenhouse effect was strengthened. It is said that this is the biggest cause of global warming. Most of the greenhouse gases are made of carbon dioxide. When carbon dioxide will be 30% or more, it becomes impossible for humans to live. Japan is fourth highest country exhausting carbon dioxide in the world.

     Next, I researched the ozone layer depletion. As a result of investigating, I was surprised very much. It became clear that the ozone layer depletion was not related to global warming. Ozone layer depletion does not have an influence on global warming. I thought that ozone layer depletion was the most important cause of global warming. So I am very surprised. However, the ozone layer depletion affects the environment. Ultraviolet rays increase by ozone layer depletion. It is the law that ultraviolet rays increase with the quantity of ozone layer depletion. Continuing being exposed to ultraviolet rays is that it is not good for humans. Ozone layer depletion is not related to global warming, but it has a bad influence on the earth. So we should consider some measures also to stop the ozone layer depletion.

     The global warming has various influences. Desertification, air pollution, abnormal weather, the environmental disruption happen. All these are serious problems of the earth. If the temperature of the earth continues rising, what will happen? I think that it becomes the crisis of the earth. And something like in a sci-fi movie may happen. For example, it is the extinction of the earth. This may really happen. I am very scared when I think of it. I pray that it does not become the worst situation.

     Human should consider global warming more seriously. I researched measures of the global warming. I think that many people should use an eco-car. An ordinary car emits carbon dioxide in large quantities. However, the environment friendly car can stop carbon dioxide emissions. So we should propel an eco-car if you buy a new car. We must think of various measures elsewhere. Well, what can we do? We must stop global warming and the environmental disruption. I think that each one should be careful. The cause of environment destruction is human. We should also stop a deforestation. And we have to take care of green. The act of carrying eco-bag, Separation of garbage, Use of an environment friendly car. I think that these are very important. It grows big even if it is a small thing. So I think that I want to be able to do it. And I want to care about the environment.





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