Global Warming

by 018 Saya on July 7, 2014 - 3:58am

     I would like to tell you about global warming. Global warming is a phenomenon in which the temperature of the earth rises. This is progressing all over the world. I think global warming is a very serious problem for us. I wonder why global warming is so advanced. I will explain about this.

     First, I will talk about the reason for global warming. I think the reason for global warming’s advance is carbon dioxide. Recently, many kinds of factories have been built on the former site of the forest. The forest has played the role, absorbing carbon dioxide. Many things leading to global warming are contained in carbon dioxide. Every factory is discharging air pollutants. The substances, which are made by factories are bad for the environment and our body. These substances are called “GHG (Greenhouse Gas)”. Carbon dioxide is also one of them.  If the deforestation continued, carbon dioxide will increase even more, and the ozone layer will be destroyed. The ozone layer absorbs many harmful ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. However, since greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, are increasing, the present ozone layer is destroyed little by little. If carbon dioxide is emitted from the factory, there will also be many people who think that what is necessary is just to reduce factories. But it is not only the factories that have emitted carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is emitted from an air conditioner, heating, etc. which we are using usually. An air conditioner and heating are moving by electricity. If much electricity is used, much carbon dioxide will be emitted. We use electricity too much. We have to think about it.

     Second, I will talk about how to stop global warming. In my opinion, I think most people use computers. A computer certainly requires electricity. And most people use cell phones. A cell phone certainly requires electricity too. And then, if high-temperature, an electric fan and an air conditioner will be used. I think that these kinds of action are bad. Since the world is becoming an IT society now, so it is difficult to restrict the use of a computer. However, I think that it is easy to restrict use of an air conditioner or an electric fan. For example, it is also good to put up with heat, to use a fan or to stretch a cooling sheet. We have a lot of measures against heat. I know an air conditioner and an electric fan can make us cool even if we do nothing. It is very convenient. That’s why many people use these kinds of function, but it is not good for the earth, so we have to reduce the time when we are using them. Some companies have introduced cool biz. I think that not only some companies but all the companies should introduce cool biz. People who are working for the company are working using the computer. They cannot be deprived of the time using a computer. I think that they are using electric power the most. I think that they have to cooperate in power saving. If all the companies introduce cool biz, the amount of the air conditioner used will decrease very much. It will be very good for the earth. When we can succeed in reducing the amount of the electric power used by introducing cool biz, I want to also cope with ordinary homes. For example, the electric socket of the electric appliances which are not used are pulled out, or one does not turn on electricity once per week once, but uses a candle. I think that this is a good idea.

     If global warming progresses as it is, it becomes impossible for man to live on the earth. Probably, it has the possibility of human beings' extinction because it will become s impossible to continue living on the earth. It becomes impossible for not only man but animals to continue living on earth. I would like to save the earth.

Therefore, I want the people in the world to know many more things about global warming. I want people in the world to have a sense of crisis by getting to know the state of the present earth. If everybody's idea does not change, nothing changes. We should protect the earth all together.


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