Global warming

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Global warming
I would like to explain about global warming, global warming is a very big problem around the world. Global warming is the temperature rise phenomenon of earth surface and oceans.
The History of earth has repeated warming and cooling cycles, but global warming of the current time is not a naturel phenomena, so global warming of the current time is damaging e to earth. We using a lot of energy, electricity, fossil fuels, nuclear power, and so on, it is not good for earth. I think if humans don’t live in on earth, such a thing is would never happen, so we need change our life style.
Global warming is happening by the increase of carbon dioxide, we are producing a lot of carbon dioxide by technology. Perhaps The No 1 cause of global warming is greenhouse gas, greenhouse gas occurs by our industrial activity, the cause in particular is methane and carbon dioxide gases.
We have to stop global warming, because the global warming is brings a lot of disasters.
The 1st example, is the expansion and contraction of coastline, happening by melt Antarctic ice.  If the phenomenon increases more on the earth, a lot of Antarctic ice will melt. It is a bad thing for creatures on the earth. If the Coastline expands and contracts, a lot of places for live will disappear, then we can’t live on the earth.
The 2nd example, is the infection problem. We will increases infection by global warming, because with global warming, subtropical regions increase s, then infection is likely to increase.
The 3rd example, if global warming advances, is abnormal weather will increase s, and the number of natural disaster will increase s, then a lot of creature will die.
Global warming is also connected with Japan, such as the Extinction of the increase in heavy rain, lack of the agriculture water, a change of the vegetation, a tideland and the sandy beach, and so on.
If global warming progresses, those problem will happen around the world, so we have to think about a counterplan to global warming.
I think that we should protect the earth, because we are giving too greata burden to the earth. I think that each person's consciousness is important, so we must reduce our use of energy. The remedy of global warming reduces industrial waste, Reduction of the use of a fossil fuels and coal, Use of the energy-saving products. Now a lot of energy-saving products are sold, such as cars, TVs, air conditioning, and so on, so I recommend these energy-saving products.


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