Global Warming

by 043Risa on July 10, 2014 - 1:06am

I want to consider about Global Warming now.

Today, it is a very serious problem all over the world. I’m very worried about it. When we become an adult, what condition will the earth will be in? The problems are, for example, the melting of the ice in the Arctic Ocean, the worry about sinking island countries into the ocean, increasing germs and harmful insects from the tropics that cause the disease to human beings and the disturbance of the growth of farm products, the temperature rise of recent years, and the others.

     Well, what it the cause of the warming of the earth?

The atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen surrounds the surface of the earth.

It alleviates a sudden rising temperature. There is only 0.03% oxygen in the atmosphere, but it plays a large role that keeps the average temperature of the earth around 14C

Such gasses are said to be greenhouse gasses.

Since the late 18th century, human beings have used coal and oil, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and it has increased from 35% compared to 2 hundred s years ago.

If the human beings go on with similar activities, the average temperature will rise more than now.

The average temperature in 2100 is predicted to rise by 1.1 degrees at the minimum, and up to 6.4 degrees as a maximum.

It is caused by carbon dioxide and Freon, there are almost none which this originate in artificial activities.

     What will happen if the temperature rises like this?

In Japan, we can’t eat which we have eaten our whole history until now, and the harmful insects which make us sick may increase.

In addition, it influences the fishery. The mackerel and Pacific saury will increase, on the other hand, abalone turban top shell and sockeye salmon will decrease.

I like both rice and fishes, so I’m very shocked. I can’t think of them decreasing and global warming is bad for us again.

In the southern part of Japan, the investigation of danger where dengue fever is prevalent increases. In Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, the pests such as cockroach are seen.

Heat island effect is accelerated in the urban areas, the sands decrease at the seaside, and the danger zone is increase strikingly for the tidal waves and tsunamis.

It is said that some islands will sink into the ocean, and heavy damage will occur in some countries, especially the Marshal islands and Bangladesh.

In addition, global warming invites freakish weather, and the water cycle is affected in many parts of the earth.

As a result, there are many areas where a lot of flood accidents happen.

Such climate change makes a great impact on the crops of global farm products, and the International market greatly fluctuates.

Today, people are carrying out Ecological activities. Nevertheless, global warming is progressing, but it is an important thing for us and the earth. Then, what do we have to do to prevent global warming?

In Japan, energy saving and energy change are advanced, and more active measures against global warming are expected from now on. The government of Japan supports such activities, and tries to promote economical introduction of the incentive.

On the other hand, people who support the economy of Japan are each of citizen, and it is essential to reform our life style.

     There are some things that we have to do in order to prevent global warming.

First, we don’t buy unnecessary things as much as we can, and treat things with care.

Second, we try to save and economize on electricity and water. For example, saving the water of the bath, and stopping the shower except when rinsing the shampoo out of our hair.

Third, when we go out of the home, it is necessary that we change our transportation to a bus or a train from a car. It is good for the environment.

Fourth, when we go to bed, we must not depend on the air-conditioner too much and use a fan wherever possible. Also, if a fan has a timer function, we should use it.

Doing Ecological activities is hard for us, especially while it is summer, but we have to do it in order to prevent global warming.

We have to exclude wastes of resources and energy as much as we can, promote reuse and recycling. It is basic to prevent global warming.





I think Global Warming is advancing now too.
I think Ultraviolet rays is more and more strong now too.
I think may be Ultraviolet rays problem concern the Global Warming.
I would like to think Global Warming problem's again too.
I understand your writing blog in this time.
Great Job!!

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