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Global worming
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The big problem of the global warming is carbon dioxide. It has become s the big problem of the present global environment.
The Temperature of the earth has risen for the past100 years, and it is said that the arctic ice has become thin.
"Global warming" means that the temperature of the earth is rising with unprecedented speed in this way.
When the temperature of the earth rises, the climate of all parts of the world changes and has various influences on creatures.
"greenhouse gas such as atmospheric carbon dioxide," absorbs heat from infrared rays given off by the ground, and it warms the air.  When human beings animals, a plants live in harmony, the earth is kept at a suitable temperature by this work,
However, when the density of atmospheric greenhouse gas increases by human activity, the temperatures to be contained within the air and the surface of the earth increases, and temperature of the earth will rise.

Deforestion has become a major problem in the world.
what kind of important role do you think the forest has? The forest has many roles. When we live, it is the most important role.
Making a thing, food to prepare, saving water, making oxygen, and making the place to live in are all important. We will strangle ourselves to if we do deforestation simply because it is very close to our lives.
It is not good to fell the forest.
If "A plant" disappears from our life It is easy to understand but when I it continue all over the world it is a major problem.
The plant absorbs carbon dioxide and expels oxygen, but the human being cannot make oxygen.
In other words human beings cannot live without plants.

The issue of air pollution.
Carbon dioxide increases under the influence of air pollution.
The nitrogen dioxide is a representative pollutant causing air pollution.
The outbreak sources include a boiler or a car and are oxidized to a nitrogen dioxide in the discharged air as nitric oxide at the time of combustion.

The nitrogen dioxide causes acid rain as an environmental problem.
Furthermore, there is the problem of the suspended particulate matter with the air pollution, too.
It is a material floating from the thing called the floating particle in the air and is a representative pollutant of the air pollution.
There are two sources. it is caused by nature such as a volcanic eruptions or forest fires. other than natural causes are artificial causes such as the soot of the factory and the effluent gas of the car.
Suspended particulate matter is air pollution matter bringing harm to the health of the human body mainly, vulnerable to the respiratory system and may be connected for with the rise in the death rate from this disease.
It is a serious problem about life and death of the person.

Photochemical oxidant.
Air pollution materials such as a nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons exhausted by  car and a factory cause a chemical change to solar ultraviolet rays, and the photochemical oxidant is an air pollution material adversely affecting the human body. It is a cause of the photochemical smog. It prescribes the warning of the photochemical oxidant and warning official announcement by the Air Pollution Control Act to act on eyes or a throats when the density of photochemical oxidant is too high.

Sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide 
Sulfur dioxide is the air pollution matter, which occurs when coal and oil are burnt. The sculpture dioxide features a smell similar to rotten eggs The Yokkaichi asthma brought by pollution is caused by air pollution by this sulfur dioxide.
Carbon monoxide is the air pollution material, which is tasteless unscented colorlessness, and no stimulation occurs by incomplete combustion of the oil. Carbon monoxide is a very scary air pollution material and I may die when I breathe in the fatal dose.

global warming worsens the environment.
Furthermore, it affects the human body.
The global warming is bad in both the earth and the human body.
We should solve this problem for the future.
We should protect s the forests, controls exhaust gases, and save electricity.
It can be done if everybody cooperates.
Let's protect the important earth together.

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