Game or Grade

by 010 Takahiro on June 16, 2014 - 4:07am

 I agree with the article of “Games or Grades” but I won’t stop playing game because I want to chat other people in game but sometimes I don’t want to talk with vulgarity people because they don’t know better talking way on-line world. In addition, I have a lot of bad experience about playing games. I guess all of people who read my article think I should stop playing game not to feel such a thing. Actually, we always had problems or squabbles with other player who our friends don’t know. Some player used dirty language in our chat; still, I never quit playing game because I really like to chat other people. Furthermore, I don’t have any experience to play game over 2 hours. Some of people think playing game 2 hours has bad effect for grades but I have a purpose to play game. When I feel tired to do something, I change the mind to play game. Then, I never play over 15 minutes because the purpose is “changing the mind”. I really know playing game very long time makes people crazy so I never play long time.

I know the person who play violence game very long time become violent person. I think perhaps the games which make people crazy are violent or sexual game. In my images. The person who plays these games very long time looks ugly and they cannot know real from unreal. They will happen a lot of bizarre case. So, the society shouldn’t stop playing game and should selling violent and sexual game officially. I guess, it makes society and light gamer happy.

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I'm a university student in Japan. I like Japanese Rock music. My favorite rock musician is ONE OK ROCK. They make me remember what I have forgotten.