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by 021 Atsushi on June 16, 2014 - 4:55am

If you are bored, what do you do? If I am bored, I play football or I go to bed. However a lot of people say “I play game” because that is very interesting for a lot of people. I can’t understand this response because I don’t like playing game but a lot of people like laying game so I will introduce games.


At first, I introduce DS. Do you know DS? DS is used by a lot of children in the world. Actually my friend has a DS but I don’t have that. DS has a lot of good point for example DS was used by a lot of people and DS has a camera so we can take a picture. DS is very famous. However that has bad point. If I use DS for a long time, eye will be bad because to play DS is very tiring for the eyes. 


Second, I will introduce cellphone games. Do you have a smartphone? Smartphone is becoming popular among the world. In recent years, a lot of people have a smartphone so game company pay attention to smartphones. They make smartphone games for example PAZUDORA, GREE and a lot of application. A lot of people use cellphone games because that is they are very useful and interesting for the users. I often see users everywhere for example on the train, in school and in shops.


I wrote about cellphone games. What do you think about cellphone games? I think that cellphone games are bad for us because they have a lot of bad points. Actually patients rise recently because the games have blue light. Blue light is bad for eyes. A lot of games have a lot of possibility so a lot of games will become better but we have to pay attention that our health doesn't suffer. That is our assignment.










I understand that you feel that the growing prevalence of the is something that worries you. In many ways you are right. After all, like you said, there are many physical health concerns that have risen alongside with video games, such as more and more people wearing glasses. So to you it must seem that those who like playing these games are morons who are wasting away their health.

However that's actually not the case. In this day and age, playing video games is something that is very important for a lot of people. Because for them, playing video game helps them maintain a good mental health, it fulfils psychological needs. The most basic of these needs are the same needs that you fulfil with football. When you play football, you are accomplishing two important psychological functions.

First, you are relieving the stress that you have gained during your day. That's important because stress is bad. It has an important influence on both you mental state and your physical state. Having a large amount of it will cause your psychological and mental capabilities to deteriorate until you can't do anything anymore. Too much stress and you will literally die, not even joking. People play video games because it is a great and convenient way of getting rid of stress. So for them, it is healthy.

Second, you are socialising and interacting with other people, that's huge. Humans are at their core social animals, we are psychologically wired to seek out other people and we function better with other people. With that, one's mental stability and mental health will take a sharp dive into crazyland. So not socialising at all will literally make someone insane. A lot people who plays video games these days, play with their friends or gain friendships in games. It's a much more convenient and a lot faster way of meeting, interacting and working with other people.

Now you might ask; ''What is the point of having good mental health when you are neglecting your physical health?'' Well, one's mental health is just as important as their physical health, they are linked and influences each other. If you have great mental health, but poor physical health, you'll probably die. If you have great physical health, but poor mental health, you'll probably commit suicide. That's how it works. So the key is balance and moderation.

In fact, I suggest that you start playing some video games. Since it might help balance your life and help you achieve better psychological health. Of course, if you would like to understand why some of the people you know like playing games so much, but you don't believe what I wrote. Well, go talk to them, go ask them, go have a conversation. No matter what conclusions you arrive at then, you'll still be doing a favor to you and your friend. As I said, interacting with people you know and like is a good way of dealing with stress and is good for you psychologically. So you'd be making the mental health of multiple people better.

Thank you for reply.
Your opinion is very good and it is right but I can’t agree with your opinion.
You said “I suggest that you start playing some video games, since it might help balance your life and help you achieve better psychological health.” This sentence is very good but I don’t think it applies to me as I already have good mental health without playing video games. Do you play games? If you played games, maybe you have bad eye sight. If you have good eye sight, I apologize to you for my comment. However playing games definitely has a bad influence on eye strain. To relieve stress another way is not only playing video games, for example but, playing outside and communicating with somebody. I recommend this way to you. All people are different so we look to different ways to relieve stress and pass our time.

It's interesting article, I'm always playing cellphone games such as Tsumutsumu and so on, and I think it's not a bad thing. Because to play cellphone game is not good for our eyes, but it's same as using PC. Therefore I don't care about it. It's just my opinion, thanksssss.

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