Cool Japan - Samurai and Bushi

by 010 Takahiro on May 29, 2014 - 1:27am

Samurai is one of Japanese old state. They were on the highest state, had a right to do self-judgment at their private problem and allowed to equip a or two weapons – Katana – evermore. Sometimes, “Bushi” is treated as same group of person with samurai but samurai and Bushi aren’t same. Bushi means “the people who fight in the war wear armor”. If we have some words to exchange of recent year’s word, it should be “military man”. On the other hand, samurai means “the people who work as bodyguard or follower have high state” and it can exchange like sovereign guard. Actually, in Azuchi-Momoyama era, some farmers were fighting as Bushi in the war. In addition, the history of each word is very different – samurai was born in Nara era and Bushi was born in Heian Era. In fact, in Nara era, many people were working as samurai to protect Very Important Person of government and many Bushi started fighting with their high hope especially the Minamoto family and Taira family in Genpei-no-kassen war. So, samurai and Bushi are different people.

Samurai and Bushi have the strongest blade on the earth – Katana. The people live in all over the world knows Katana is used by them-samurai and Bushi but their weapon have difference. Bushi used Tachi – kind of katana. Some of the people play Monster Hunter series knows it. When they equipped it, they made its blade down because they always used it on the horse. In addition, Tachi had a strange style. When Bushi used it, Tachi was hanged down at their hip. On the other hand, you know, samurai also used Katana – actually, it was called Uchi-Gatana. Uchi-Gatana meant “it was made by blacksmith by beating steel with hummer”. Same as Tachi, Uchi-Gatana had different way of equipping. When samurai equipped it, they made its blade upper because it was thought to use on the ground and when their fighting, they needed to put it as soon as possible. It was called “Battou-jutsu” and some of people like “Rurouni-Kenshin” series knows how strong and quickly Battou-jutsu.

In recently days, there are NOT any samurai or Bushi but I hope, they are living as our spirit.

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