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by 010 Takahiro on June 20, 2014 - 4:20am

Sanpo Yoshi was one of the words of consciousness of Omi merchant. Omi merchant was Japanese great merchant. They were from Omi, Shiga prefecture. In Japan, Osaka merchant and Ise merchant was also great merchant, so in Japan they were called as “the three greatest merchant”. Omi merchant was called as “Omi merchant” when they went out from Omi and succeed their job. Previous days, we have a lot of companies which are of the school of Omi merchant. For example, Toyota Motor Corporation, Takashimaya Company, Limited and Seibu Railway Company, Limited are of the school of Omi merchant.

One of their consciousnesses, Sanpo Yoshi means when they sell some products, they also must be thought to make society better than before and should be been satisfy society. Some companies think products make only benefit for their company but Omi merchant thought products must be for public. Toyota has produced a lot of cars since they started to product but it has never produced any cars which were thought to make amount of benefit. They always think effect to environment and how people feel comfortable during their driving. In the other words, Sanpo Yoshi makes society better.

Omi merchant also has other consciousness. They thought they must use every tool very longer as if it were cheap or not. In addition, they also should keep working or trying hard. It was called in Japanese as “Shimatsu-shite-kibaru”. On the other hands, they thought good activities for public should not open because when they show public their benefit, it connects to self-display. Then, they cannot work without thinking benefit.

Their consciousness was really old but it is living in the mind between Japanese merchant. Toyota Motor Corporation is also Omi merchant company. After WW2, a lot of factories in Aichi prefecture were broken by bomber. Toyota also had effect of bomber but they tried to revive Japan from 1950. From 1950, Korean War began and a lot of Japanese factory received orders from U.S to make a lot of appurtenances. Toyota also received orders to make cargo trucks. Toyota after selling cargo track, they started producing a lot of cars for standard home. They thought making condition of products best kept first. So, however their presidents changed many times, they can keep making best cars.

Omi merchant was called as a theft by Edo merchant because Omi merchant had business talent and they sold products high-handedly. However, Omi merchant became the core of Japanese market. 

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