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by 010 Takahiro on June 5, 2014 - 4:53am

In my free time, I sometimes play hunting action video game. It is said as violent video game between Japanese in the public mind. I also think it only has bad effect for the people who play it very seriously. Because I’ve never played it seriously, I take great pride in introducing about my favorite three hunting video games without saying any prejudice.

First of them, I show you Monster Hunter Series. It is good at showing its interpretation of the world. When you play it, you feel you are in jangle as a hunter. So, Monster Hunter series has very beautiful graphics. It started to sell in 2004. The first Monster Hunter specialized on-line playing. Almost player didn’t have equipment to connect their PS2 Internet, it was not popular. CAPCOM who published Monster Hunter tried to fix a lot of problems and they published many new Monster Hunters. In 2005, new Monster Hunter – Monster Hunter 2nd which sold over 1 million was published. All over the world, it was sold over 28 million finally. Thanks to its platform being PSP – it is able to use outside and is able to connect Internet easily – a lot of young people bought Monster Hunter 2nd with new PSP. From 2005 to 2011, a lot of “Hunters” were going around with their PSP. Monster Hunter 2nd became beginning of the war of hunting videogame. CAPCOM sold Monster Hunter 2ndG and 3rd. In 2012, CAPCOM changed the mind to sell Monster Hunter in Nintendo platform – Nintendo 3DS because it has 3D vision. In 2014, we will be able to play new Monster Hunter.

Second of them, this is the most favorite hunting video game for me, God Eater series. After playing Monster Hunter series, you will feel “God Eater is the rapidest hunting game I have played”. Actually, God Eater series is made to focus on “high-speed action video game” in 2010. In playing this video game, we fight the monsters – called as “Aragami” which is kind of name of Japanese bad spirits have name of Gods or spirits all over the world on run-down city or suburbs. In Monster Hunter series, we cannot change own weapon until going back home but in God Eater series, we can change the style sword or gun. It is different with Monster Hunter series, Aragami has characteristic looking. One of aragami has missile pods, on the other hand, it has generator because they EAT our cultural materials. You play as a God Eater and fight them to save the future of people on the earth with EATING them. I’d like you to play it on PSVita.

In finally, I’d like to show you Phantasy Star series. To say the truth, I didn’t play it enough to explain everything because it has very long story. Phantasy Star Series is the oldest hunting action videogame of the three. Each hunting video game has own character making – when you play each game you can play with your favorite appearance character – but Phantasy Star series has race system – it means each races have different story. I heard, some of people who like this series make every race. In addition, Phantasy Star series has growth system. You can grow up your own character. Of course, each race has different way of growth. In recently years, we can play Phantasy Star series both in the house and outside. You can enjoy your own journey.

In conclusion, I need to explain my purpose – I don’t want to show you superiority between them. I think I could explain each hunting video game have good impression. Some people said each bad point or bad affection for player but I always think thinking them seriously to get truth information. If you have equal thinking, you can find every truth. Finally, if you are interested in through reading my article, please go to buy them or ask


i understood what you really like Hunting games.
However i dont know almost of games, i know about only Biohazard!!!!!!!
i really ike this game, and do you know about it??
if you know it, lets talk with me!

Thank you for giving me a comment. I also know Bio-hazard series. Unfortunately, I couldn't play whole story because I'm chicken. If you don't afraid to play Bio-hazard on PS3, you should play it with Gun-controller. You'll be able to play it with reality.

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