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by 020 Koki on June 2, 2014 - 4:52am

Topic is “Japanese four major car manufactures”. Japanese four major car manufactures is very splendid. I write “which is the best?”

Do you know “Japanese four major car manufactures”? I introduce now. The first is Honda. The second is Kawasaki. The third is Yamaha. The fourth is Suzuki. (By the way, Honda is called a king.) They make cars and motorcycles mainly. They are famous in not only Japan but also the foreign countries. There are many prominent firms abroad. For example, Harley-Davidson, BossHoss, Titan Motorcycle Company, Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, Rokon, BMW, Triumph, GODIER GENOUD and Moto Guzzi. Japanese four major car manufactures are famous as much as them.

I write each basic information. Honda is a car manufacture which Soichiro Honda founded. It established Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in 1948 and made a real start. “It is "Super Cub 50" which 50 million are made”, and recorded a blockbuster by the whole world total that the world was able to let the name of Honda resound all over by the production sale of the two-wheeled vehicle at a bound. It lays emphasis on sports model positively and send many excellent cars off so far afterwards in the world. Kawasaki is a car manufacture which Shozo Kawasaki established it in Hyogo in 1878. It is an opportunity to have started the production of the engine for two-wheeled vehicles in 1958, and it is stepped forward by two-wheeled vehicle maker business. A motorcycle made in Kawasaki of the large car & size displacement volume continues calling for popularity among motorcycle fans of the whole country afterward. Yamaha started the production of motorcycles as business of Nippon Gakki in the company in January, 1955 and it separated on July 1, the same year and started motorcycle production sale in earnest. Yamaha Motor is proud of sales of the top now in the Yamaha group. Yamaha suppressed Honda in a race, and it won the championship, and the world was able to let the name resound all over at a bound as a motorcycle maker. It is famous as Suzuki of the light car and as Suzuki of the motorcycle become known in the world. Suzuki developed it in the first and released the big motor scooter. By the way, this big motor scooter is extreme popularity in Europe than Japan.

What is each good and bad point? For example, compare it about a motorcycle. In Honda, performance is well comfortable. However, a design is too simple. Therefore there is a person feeling that it is not interesting. Kawasaki is good design. However, I hear a rumor that it often breaks down. Yamaha has the good customization. However, it does not give the impression that it is good for people that business is good. Suzuki is high engine specifications, design characteristics are unique, and cool. The bad point has the person to hate to be too unique. I compare a motorcycle as a human being. Honda is an honor student. Kawasaki is naughty. I think that it has the atmosphere like a bad boy. Yamaha has smart. I think that it has a scary character. Suzuki is strong in personality. It is a unique person having the thing which nobody has.

Why do these four major makers sell in the world? This is because it is superior in the performance and quality, the balance of the price. The reason why a Japanese motorcycle is used for in the world is because it is a good motorcycle. It is a very simple reason. Of course there is the good motorcycle abroad. However, the Japanese motorcycle has good performance than them. And the motorcycle selling most is Honda. Performance is the well most stable. I buy Honda if I buy a motorcycle. I like simple designs and high-performance. I think that Honda is the best motorcycle. I hear "Honda is the best" from various people. Of course there are people prefer others to Honda. It is Honda if I watch good performance. It is Kawasaki if I want to make it interesting. It is Yamaha if it wants to be stable. It is Suzuki if I want to give personality. Which maker do you buy?









This is very understandable article. I could understand this sentence. I knew the three major car manufactures. they are Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki, but I didn't hear Yamaha. This sentence includes some good and bad information. It is nice.

I am happy because you could understand my article , but my article has good and "bad" point. I'm sorry there was bad point. Thank you read and reply!

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