Computure Game

by 018 Saya on June 19, 2014 - 1:30am

 I like to tell you my opinion about computer games.

 In my opinion, I think computer games are not good, but if it is the contents of the educational purpose, I think that is good.

     Recently, computer’s skill is very high. That’s why many children want to do computer games. Therefore academic ability is declining. Since a child's work is studying, the computer game should not be carry out. I have never play the computer games, so I can’t understand what is the most interesting point of computer game? I saw my friends play violent game. I think this game is not good. If children play this game, maybe they do some violent action in real life. That is very dangerous.

    According to the article, the two people who played same games and fight together.

The one of them were killed his character by other person. He was very angry. Soon, he get out the café and went to hardware store to buy a knife. Then he came back to the café. Then he stab his friend. This case was very dangerous too.

We have to prepare the age limit because it is not good for education.

    If the computer game is about education, I want to play that because I can lean a lot of things. It's not only learning but also remember the things that I learn from the game. Education games are not violence, so I recommend every children and parents.

In my university, we use education game. Then, I can lean a lots of English vocabulary.

That game is very useful for me. I would also like to play such a game.

I think many parents are troubled that their children play violent games and they don’t do homework. That’s why I hope that educational games multiply and violent games decrease. If educational games can multiply, children’s academic ability can increase and family’s bond can deepen because children have a problem which is not understood, they will ask parents. Therefore I think computer games are not good especially violent games but I recommend playing educational games on the computer. Then I hope educational games can multiply and this kind of game can be used in schools.



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