Ambassadors' to/from Japan

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Her name is Caroline Bouvier Kennedy.

Caroline Kennedy was born at Cornell Medical Center in New York City

I was anxious as to whether Caroline Kennedy can do politics well. Give a reason for your concern. 

Caroline Kennedy became the U.S. ambassador in Japan, because she is a competent and compassionate person.

For example, she visited the stricken area of the northeast of Japan, which received damaged by the tsunami.

Her appointment may be because she is the daughter of the former President JFK.

I think that she may be a wonderful person like her father.

I think that I want her wonderfulness to be known to Japan.

I expect that she will solve s the problems of Japan and the United States. Moreover, I also expect that the relations between Japan and the United States will go in a better direction.

I will introduce the previous Japanese Ambassador to the U.S now.



His name is Icheirou Huzisaki.

His relative s is Hirohumi Itou a founder of the Prime Minister office.

He was born July 10, 1947 in Kagoshima Prefecture. He grew up in Kanagawa.

He attended junior high school in Seattle, Washington as an exchange student.

He received degree in Economics from Keio University and Keio junior High and Keio High School.

He attended Stanford University Graduate School, Department of Political Science.

He abruptly dropped out of Keio University.

He entered the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1969. He served as Director-General of the North American Affairs Bureau in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs.

He has served in Jakarta, London, and Paris.

He is a Guest Professor at Keio University.

He was the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S from 2008 to 2012.

He was appointed the Chairman of the General America-Japan Society in 2013.














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