Ambassadors' to/from Japan

by 018 Saya on May 8, 2014 - 1:18am

I introduce about two person of ambassador. 
First, I introduce about Caroline Kennedy. 
She is United States ambassador to Japan. 
Her birthday is November 27th in 1957. 
Her home is in New York City. 
Her father was an American President. 
Her father was assassinated. 
So she has a sad memory. 
When she was a university student, she took the 
lawyer's qualification. 
Upon graduating university, she took a Bachelor's degree. 
She worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
Then she met Edwin Schlossberg. 
In 1986, she married to him. 
After marriage she does not bear Schlossberg family 
She acted as the superintendent of the Kennedy 
Commemoration library, and the adviser of the Harvard University Kennedy school. 
In the 2008 presidential election, Kennedy and her uncle 
Ted endorsed Democratic candidate Barack Obama for 
President early in the primary race; she later put a word 
in for him in Florida, Indiana, and Ohio, served as 
co-chair of his Vice Presidential Search Committee, and 
addressed the 2008 Democratic National Convention in 
After Obama's selection of then-Senator Hillary Clinton 
as Secretary of State, Kennedy expressed interest in 
being appointed to Clinton's vacant Senate seat for New 
York, but she later withdrew from consideration, citing 
"personal reasons". 
On July 24, 2013, President Barack Obama announced 
Kennedy as his nominee to be Ambassador to Japan, to 
succeed Ambassador John Roos. The prospective 
nomination was first reported in February 2013 and, in mid-July 2013, formal diplomatic agreement was 
reportedly received from the Japanese government. 
On January 17, 2014, Kennedy issued a statement on 
Twitter that was critical of Japan's practice of dolphin 
drive-hunting, expressing concern about the 
"inhumanness" of the practice and stating that the 
United States government opposes drive-hunt fishing 
She is putting into power measure against dolphin 
I think Kennedy is very hard worker. 
And very smart person. 
Secondly, I introduce about Norihiro Okuda. 
He is Japanese ambassador to Canada. 
He was the Egyptian ambassador before. 
He became ambassador to Canada, in 2013. 
He graduation from Eikougakuen junior high school and 
Senior high school. 
Later, he graduated from Tokyo University. Tokyo University is very famous in Japan. 
After his university graduation, he worked in the 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
He said “People of Middle Eastern countries have many 
people having a good impression for Japan. Canada`s 
cityscape is beautiful and sees the people calmly, too. I 
feel that social structure is organized “. 
I think he loves Canada already. 
I think an ambassador’s work is very important, 
Because an ambassador can connect the two countries. 
That`s means, if ambassadors can understand the feeling 
of the people of the country, we can make a very good 
relationship between our countries. 
There is very much work of an ambassador, he comes out 
very much, and, for a certain reason, they think that they 
get very tired. But, they should be proud of having become an 
ambassador. If there is no ambassador, we can`t get other 
countries people`s opinions. 
Then we can`t change in the good direction. 
So ambassador is very important work. 
However, an ambassador's action may start a problem. 
For example, in the presentation of credentials ceremony, 
although the now top Emperor, Foreign Minister Fmio 
Kishida, and Japan side which received in the right full 
dress of daytime, Kennedy ignored diplomatic custom, 
and did not wear right full dress, but appeared in 
everyday clothes called a shoulder bag in the seven-copy 
sleeve and the skirt in the Imperial Palace. 
The criticism with impoliteness took place to the dress 
which is not suitable for a ceremony, and the movements 
in that case. 
So the ambassador has to take care about speech and 
conduct. That have to take care about speech and conduct is not 
only an ambassador but people who work by standing 
before people. 
So I think teacher have to take care about speech and 
conduct too. 
I want to become English teacher in the future. 
If I become English teacher, I have to take care about 
speech and conduct. And I have to teach this. 
Although it thinks that there are various opinions about 
an ambassador, I regard an ambassador as uncanny. 
I would like to actually ask to an ambassador that what is 
visible after finishing difficult work is. 
I hope ambassador`s action will invite good things to 
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