Aging society come japan, we face a crisis!!

by 022 MISAKI on July 7, 2014 - 4:03am

Aging society come japan, we face a crisis!!



Today, I would like to introduce about “Aging Society”. Today, Japan is becoming an Aging Society. Do you know about “Aging Society”? It is when children’s population is reduced, however old person’s population is increased.

First of all, I would like to introduce about “What is Aging Society”. According to the web site, Aging Society is that all the country’s population commands people who are over sixty five years old.This has been, initially in the more economically developed countries but also more recently occurred in LEDCs, due to an increase in the life expectancy which causes an ageing population. I think that it is bad for a country’s person to live in the future because there are no persons who will help old people in the future. In the Japanese case, an old person who is over 60 years old helps their parents or people who are older than them now. I think that it is hard for them to help people. Also there will be no people to pay their taxes for the pension annuity. Therefore a lot of old people will not get their pension in the future because there are many old people in Japan but there are a few young people who will pay their taxes.

Second, I would like to introduce about the cause of Aging Society. According to the web site of Cabinet Office Government of Japan, there are two reasons about Aging Society. First of all, progress in medical science has prolonged our life span, they can live over 65 years old, therefore population of over 65 years olds has increased in Japan. Another reason is that a dwindling birthrate and the population of young people is now declining. I think that it is very bad for a lot of people of the country which increase old people and decrease young people and children. People would like to help each other for their own living. However if there are no young people in their world, we could not help each other. We cannot live enough ourselves, so we may have to call for help from foreign country’s people to come and live in Japan. Then there are many foreign people and it isn’t JAPAN as we know it today.

Last, I would like to introduce about problems of Aging Society. According to the web site of the Cabinet Office Government of Japan, The Japanese government has to come out with a plan for our democracy which is mainly old people. Young people who pay their taxes for their pensions in their future may not get their own pension because there may be fewer people to continue paying. So, they do not pay their tax, and do not vote in the election. And there are lots of people who help their father, their mother, their groundfather, their groundmother, their sister, their brother and so on!  However if their age is over 65 years old probably they are people who would like to be helped by some people. Probably it is very hard and tiring for them to look after people whose is age are is older than their age. Also according to the web site of the Cabinet Office Government of Japan, first of all, a family’s budget will decrease before from now. The Second problem is that there are few people in residential areas where people who over 65 live. If there are no young people in the area, we cannot know if they are satisfied with their life. For example there are no people who work in public institution at local areas. So, we cannot get clear water, electricity, gassed cloth ?? and so on. We cannot live there, lots of people move to other places where there are many people who can work in the public institution.

My collusion is that I would like to stop the increasing Aging society from now on, or we cannot live in our country Japan. We have to support our country Japan. Therefore we have to get married as soon as possible, and we have to have babies. Also our country has to develop the Japanese economy as soon as possible. First of all we have to learn about the economy, politics and the environment and we have to consider our country. Then we have to vote in the election, I hope for Japanese happiness. Thank you for reading.







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