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by Puppy on June 2, 2014 - 4:27am

Have you ever thought about hunger.  I've never thought too deeply. So I think that I want to think about hunger now.
 The world's population are 7 billion people. The number of people suffering from hunger in the world are about a billion people. In short, One in seven suffers from hunger and poverty through out the world. Moreover, in Africa the number climbs to one in three. This is the worst result. So, I thought that Hunger is a problem we should address with the highest priority. In other, 17 people per minute have lost their lives in the cause of hunger. Furthermore, One of the children in five seconds have lost their lives in the cause of hunger.
Hunger is very suffer as this.

The Japan International Food for the Hungry are thinking about hunger of Japan.
The Japan International Food for the Hungry(JIFH for short) and to cooperate with people who try to live hard, while the fight against hunger and poverty, in order to realize a world without hunger "Hunger Zero" movement and to promote, we are working to eradicate hunger of both physically and spiritually in the world.
Hunger Zero means a world without hunger.
Through "Hunger Zero," our project aims to create a world without hunger. Japan International Food for the Hungry (JIFH) works in cooperation with those who are struggling to live amid the challenges of hunger and poverty. JIFH are engaged in combating the material and psychological damages of hunger.
About a billion people are suffering from hunger worldwide. One in seven suffers from hunger around the globe, in Africa the number climbs to one in three.
The majority of the world's hungry faces chronic food shortages, must struggle to secure even one meal a day, and is malnourished.
In particular, a serious food shortage, which is said to be called African northeastern part of the "Horn of Africa", by soaring food prices and conflict, and drought, the worst in the past 60 years even 13 million of people Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, in Jipuchi now have fallen into.
Tens of thousands more than starvation, Somalia unstable even political, it is in a state that support is not prudent to accompany the risk already identified as "famine" in the United Nations, support has been accelerated. People are said to flow into neighboring countries in search of food and water, people who suffer refugees of 500,000 people, require food aid will reach 3.5 million people in Kenya in the food crisis already.

The Other, There are organizations that are activities about hunger.
It’s Kozumozu.
Kozumozu is carrying out various activities in various countries. Activities are diverse.
Kozumozu was established in 1980 with the aim that the developed countries, including the United States share with developing countries the wealth.
Kozumozu are apolitical and though their roots are Christian, kozumozu’s goal are simply to feed the hungry and clothe and house the poor as well as bring awareness of these needs to those that can help and to include people of all political backgrounds and faiths who share their hope for a better future.
I hope that these organizations play an active part more and more in the future.


Hi I'm nenji. I think that you could think about huger deeply. You can understand. I think that your opinion is very important things.

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