AAA(Triple A)!!!

by 018 Saya on June 5, 2014 - 1:16am

Have you ever seen a drama where you see your favorite artist’s live concert and they are acting?

 I introduce about my favorite Japanese singer.

My favorite singer is “AAA”. (Triple A)

Their real name of group is “Attack All Around”.

They are very famous for being a musical group which is dancing and singing.

They signed to the label Avex Trax which debuted in September 2005.

The name has the meaning of challenging everything, and the group is marketed by their label as a "super performance unit".

The group was formed through Avex's auditions and originally consisted of five young men and three young women who had acted in commercials and had experience being back dancers for other Japanese stars, such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Ami Suzuki.

Ayumi Hamasaki and Ami Suzuki are very famous too.

They were eight member in the group before becoming famous in Japan.

Leader is Naoya Urata, vocals are Takahiro Nishijima and Misako Uno, Syuta Sueyoshi, Shinjiro Atae, Chiaki Ito Yukari Gotou. Rapper is Mitsuhiro Hidaka

The member who leave the group is Yukari Gotou. She left the group June 11th in 2007.

She has illness, so she had to leave the group.

 However, other members are did their best, so the group can became famous and popular in Japan.

 In the follow in, I will explain about “AAA”‘s seals points.

First, they cherish their fans. The members are very love their fans, because fans always support member’s hearts. That’s why they want to make their fans to happy feelings.

That’s why they do live concert so many times. When I was high school student, they came my hometown because they do live concert in there. I went to their live concert.

That was my first time to go to live concert then, I can enjoyed so much. I can feel them very near from me. Probably, many fans have same feelings.

 Second, they are seven members that two girls and five boys.

This group members are not same sex. Two girls and five boys in the group.

This kind of group is very rare in Japan. I think it’s not only Japan but also other countries. Boys and girls in the group, so they can sing duet songs or they can do harmonize. Many fans are try to sing and harmonize but harmonize is very difficult.

Therefore, I respect their sing skills.

They often do act performance in their live concert because they want to see the fans please face. They can act love story for the reason that boys and girls in the group.

I have ever seen their acting in their live concert DVD.

That was very interesting. I hope increase this kind of singer.

 Finally, special activities of each band member.

For example, Naoya and Takahiro and Mitsuhiro are doing well that singing solo.

Then Misako and Chiaki are doing well that fashion designer and model.

Syuta is doing well that dance lecture. Sinjiro and Takahiro and Misako are doing well that acting in drama or movie.

They are actively involved at various fields. That’s why many people like them.

I think Takahiro is the most famous member in “AAA”.

He is very good at singing. Of course other members have good voice too but Takahiro has the most beautiful voice. And he is very good at acting too. The other members appear in a drama and movies. He is appearing most and he received a lot of prize.

“AAA” is very good group in Japan. Members are very funny and try to anything, always do their best. I think they become famous in the other countries immediately.

A singer that like “AAA” can make people happy feeling.

And group that man and women mixture is very rare, so I hope multiply group that like “AAA”. If you want to know more about “AAA”, please watch their live concert DVD or promotion videos. When you watch their performance, I think definitely you like them.



It is very nice sentence. She knows that AAA is the great artist. I understanded that AAA is the great artist. I impressed that tone of the member was illness, so she had to give up the member. That is sound bad.

Thank you for your comment. I'm very happy that you can understand my article!!
I like the member who give up the member, so I hope she become member again!!!

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