Refugee and immigrant

by 017 shiina on November 16, 2015 - 2:58am

Recently, an immigrant is world issue. Almost developed and developing countries have immigration and refugees problem. According to SEKAIJISSEKIDE-TAZUKAN, Switzerland, UK, Australia have higher quality of importance for immigration. This time, I would like to write about refugees about Immigration.
Firstly, I want to write about one of examples. THE WORLD POST emphasized that “Egyptian  billionaire  offers  to  buy  island  to  shelter  refugees  in  Europe”.  Naguib  Sawiris
suggested on twitter to buy an island for refugees, and he said he can buy a one of islands between  $10  million  and  $100  million.  I  think  if  this  suggestion  could  be  successful,  this action will be one of accomplish. However I’m worry about a one thing. When the suggestion finished, the island would have a power as a country, and then they will start a revenge to their mother countries, it might be a key of next world war.   Secondly, I’m going to think about immigration problem of developed countries. One of internet sites said that almost developed countries have same problem about immigrant that is deterioration of public order. French, German, U.K. have happened such a problem. I think deterioration  of  public  orders  are  disadvantage,  but  we  can’t refuse  it  when  we  accept  an immigrant.  Between  immigrant  and  original  country’s  people  has  difference  culture  each other, so there has many kind of ways of think. Probably, it is one of causes of deterioration of public orders. Thirdly,  I’m going  to  write  about  refugee  problems  side  from  developing  countries.  I think  problem  of  developing  country’s  sides  are  quite  terrible  more  than  developing side problem. Many developing country’s people go to foreign country to get a job, but a surly is very cheap even they works very harder that local people. It likes a slave, but they have no choice. Refugees should besupposed to get a money as much as local people. I think a good way to be more comfortable for refugees is  to lean about destination  of migrant.
If refugees know and understand other countries, the problem which is deterioration of public orders will be decreased.     Next  is  about  Japanese  reception  for  refugees.  Before  writing  this  paper,  I  had  never known about Japanese working for refugees. I want to try a research about Japanese states for Immigrant. According to NEWSPHERE, refugees who wants to come in Japan were over
5000 people in 2014, but Japanese government authorized only 11 applicant. It is at lowest rebel  compared  with  other  developed  countries.  One  of  the  reasons  is  population density, Japanese  population  density  is  very  high.  If  Japan  accept  refugees  more  and more,  other problem  will  happen.  The  jobless  rate  is  also  one  of  big  reason.  As  a research  by  Statistic
Japan, Japanese employ rates are decreasing from many years ago. Lastly, I want to write about my opinion. I think to admit immigrant and refugees is not bad thing, because refugees has any reason to go to foreign country. For example for a money, to escape from mother country, and so on. If Japan admitted refugees and immigrants more, Japan   would   receive   high   evaluation   from   foreign  countries.   By   so   doing,   Japanese globalization will achieved.  We should give a solution for refugees. And also immigrant has
reasons. I think Japan rejects an immigrant and refugee  too much. Now, Japan is called as ageing society, nonetheless, Japan doesn’
t care immigrant and refugees. I think we should be more open.   In  conclusion,  immigrant  and  refugee  are  very  big  problem  around  the  world.  All
countries have to think about Immigration and refugees deeply, especially Japan.


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I am worried about immigrants and refugees in the world. They are under the fear of their insecure situation. You said that the island would have a power as a country, and they will start revenge to their mother countries, it might be a key of world war. By reading your sentences, I felt anxious. Almost all people around the world, and also I don’t want our countries to make war on the other countries. If the war would happen, number of immigration and refugees will increase more and more. As you said, people all over the world should help each other and decrease immigration and refugees. I hope everyone in the world can live their lives happily.

053 Tuna

Thank you for your comment. My opinion and your Opinion are quite similar, so we might be able to take a good talking. The violence like Attacks on French could be a key of war, we need to be careful more. Thank you your corporation.
017 Shiina

Hi Mr. Shiina. I'm cristiano ronaldo. I read your article. I know an Immigrants is very big issue. Your some solutions helps refugees, but I think these solution is very difficult. Because they have a lot of problems. So I think many governments have to help them. I would like to suggest one solution. Japan and other countries should provide a lot of money and dispatch many people in refugee’s country, because refugees doesn’t have ability for to keep on living. So they need help our support. But their country is maybe very dangerous, so my solution is very difficult. Helping them is very tough.

Hi Cristiano ronaldo, this is Shiina. I read your comment, and thank you comment to my paper. I know to solve a refugee problems are very difficult, but it is not reason to give up think about the solution of refugee and immigrant problem. Someone has to think the solution fot such a problems. Thank you your corporation.
017 Shiina

Hi Shiina, thank you for the insightful essay. As someone from the US, I am wondering what your opinion is about the US' position on the Syrian refugee crisis. I believe that the US should be doing more, but I am interested what someone from another country thinks. Thanks.

Thank you for your comment on my paper. I'm glad because you read my paper well. As you might know Japan is very strict country for refugees. I think America has better reseption for refugees than Japan, because America accepting 10.000 refugees and giving 419 milion dollors. Acutually Japan is giving a 1.6 billion dollors, buti think the most necessary thing is to accept refugees. Therefore, I think America is good for refugees compared with Japan.

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