The problems of refugees

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The problems of Refugees

5142043 Risa Fukui


     There are many people in the world. Some of them are included as refugees, homeless people, NEETs and so on. Refugees mean people who have to escape to a foreign country to guard their lives. It is said that there are 51 million people in the world. A lot of refugees escape to Japan in every year. Even though they want to be admitted as a refugee, but Japan admit only ten or some people or less than it every year. I would like to consider about the problems of refugees and compare with the differences between other countries.

First of all, I searched the countries which have many refugees. According to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), many of refugees are from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Republic of the Congo, and more many countries. The country which has the largest refugees is Syria. There are 3.88 million refugees in the country. They have to escape to other country because of the civil war, persecution – confiscation of the property, deprivation of right to education or citizenship, and so on. Actually, the demonstrations were carried out by many people who agree and disagree. According to BB news, In London, many participants walked with the placards which were written "The lives of refugees is important", "There are not illegal people in the world" and so on. In Germany, the participants put up the national flag with "welcome to refugees". However, people in other countries have the opposite opinions. For example, Poland and the Czech republic opposite the refugees. The participants’ demonstration puts up the banner with "we aren't welcome to the refugees and go back to home".

     Secondly, I would like to consider about the differences between Japan and other countries. What are merits and demerits for refugees who come to Japan? Japan is safe, compared with other countries, so I guess one of the merits is it. In Japan, people are forbidden to use guns. On the other hand, there are a lot of demerits for refugees. They don’t know Japanese language and laws. They don’t have friends or relatives in Japan. When it is longer, it takes 5 years to be admitted as a refugee.

On the other hand, what are merits and demerits for Japan? I think one of the merits is that workers will increase. However, as I said, it is difficult that the refugees work at any company in Japan. If it is possible, only some few of them can work. The other merit is to understand different cultures. Refugees are from many kinds of countries, so it is a good chance that we can learn about other countries and the present situations. However, there are more demerits than merits. Probably, the demerit is the public safety in Japan will get bad. All of them are not bad, but some of them are bad manners. In addition, if Japanese government should prepare foodstuff for many refugees, Japanese people will run out of provisions. Can the Japanese government afford to accept many refugees? I think it is connected to the food problem.

     Lastly, I would like to talk about my opinion. In my case, I agree with the acceptation of refugees. I want to go to the poor countries to do volunteer work. However, we should bear an expense. Saving other countries costs a lot of money. That’s why, I think the most important problem is money. To tell the truth, I can’t imagine these people are struggling even now, but I know it is the fact. I think it is important to do anything what I can do. If I have a chance to go to other countries, I want to take part in a volunteer activity, and learn what we have to do. I think Japan is a terrible country. Some other countries agree to welcome many refugees, but Japan admits few of them. It is a small island country, so it might be difficult to welcome so many refugees. However, I think it is important the spirits of helping each other. Old people learned many important things by carrying on wars. Some foreigners say Japanese people are kind. It is just stereotype, but we should remember their warm hearts.

     In conclusion, there are many problems of refugees in the world, and it is difficult to solve. However, I’m sure that we have some solutions – a campaign to raise funds or something like that. We have some activities that we can do. Even Japan doesn’t accept to welcome many refugees, but it isn’t other people’s business. Even though the war is over in Japan now, but there are many people who struggle in Japan and other countries. It is a big problem in the world. I hope many their lives as possible will save.





Good morning,
I was surprised that a lot of refugees escape to Japan in every year. I think that there are a lot of refugees. I think that their life is very hard. Because they are have to escape to other country. Who is happen the war. I think that if they stopped the war, a lot of refugees have to escape to other country. They live in their country. I think that they are a little happy. I think that refugees problem is very difficult. I hope that around the world people are happy.

Hello, bonbonmaru.
Thank you for your comment.
I think it is difficult to solve the problem, too.
However, as I said, there are some things what we can do. For example, to contribute to the countries, to understand the present condition of the countries, and so on.
It is a big problem all over the world and no longer other people's affairs now.


I enjoyed your article very much. I had no idea that refugees traveled all the way to Japan to escape conflicts! Your insights were truly eye-opening! I was wondering, though, do you know how many Syrian refugees are already in Japan, or what, if any, other countries have refugee populations in Japan (apart from Syria)?

Hello, Ben Maksym! Thank you for your comment.
7586 refugees applied for recognition of refugee status, but only 27 people were authorized in last year. The reason why they choose Japan is that Japan is a safe country. There are 6 Afghans, 3 Syrian, 3 Ethiopians, and refugees from other countries are included in it. America and other countries accept lots of refugees. I think Japan also should accept more refugees, even though it is difficult.

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