My opinion about TPP

by 017 shiina on December 17, 2015 - 1:21am

This time I would like to write about my opinion about Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). TPP is a huge organization for trading between country and country. It makes very easy to trade by cut a tax of outside country trade. In this paper, I’m going to write about TPP.

First, I would like to write about advantage and disadvantage of TPP. As a state of Japan, Japan depending on foreign trade, a lot of goods in Japanese supermarket are made from foreign country. It might be a key of deflation in Japanese economics, because of it. We tend to be depend on foreign countries trade now. Actually foreign countries trade are precious thigs as a developing. However we have some problems because of too much foreign countries trade. For example a home product. As you know a home product are becoming expensive more and more. I think the reason why we feel home products are expensive is because of cheapness of foreign products, and global warming. Foreign products are cheaper than Japanese products. I don’t know the reason, but it is fact. Global warming is influencing Japanese producing, so it might be key of increasing Japanese product price.
Second, I’m going to write about my opinion about TPP. I think TPP is good and useful. If Japan didn’t participate in TPP group, it likes national isolation. We would be binding to buy something, I don’t hope it. We can buy many types of products due to TPP trading, so I prefer TPP than national isolation. However Japan is too much depending on foreign products. It might be very big problem in the future.

In conclusion. TPP has advantage and disadvantage points. We can have an opinion which do you prefer TPP and national isolation. Which do you want?


I liked what you where saying about the effects on Japan in particular. As an American, it's sometime hard to find what other countries' citizens are thinking. This provides good insight into what Japan is thinking and is useful to know.
Thank You,
-Josh W.

Thank you for your comment Josh W. TPP is a huge topic for many countries, we should think about it seriously as a one of a members of Japanese. I think that many of Japanese are thinks like me.
Thank you. Shiina

 Thank you for your article. I often hear the word, TPP on TV, newspaper, and so on. However, I didn’t know about TPP in detail, but I can learn about TPP after reading your article. I think that TPP is good too, so I hope that Japan keep taking part in TPP. If Japan become national isolation, I think Japan will become weak sometime. However, TPP also has disadvantage, so I think that TPP become problem. I think that people differ in their ways of thinking for TPP.

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