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by 005 Yohei on November 16, 2015 - 2:50am

              Japan is a country that only accepts few people in a year as a refugee. But think about it. Why can every country accept a million of people by not knowing about them? Also on the premise, Japan was a closed society for over two hundred years, and Japan has raised a society that could move the economy with no help by other countries. From this you can know Japan’s characteristics are more like a village society than a multiethnic society. It’s more natural and easy to be stable in this way. Although to help other countries that need help is necessary in this current world. Even now many discriminations are continuing and people needs help. And to help people in need is a natural thing to do as a country that exists on this earth.

              Of course there are merits which are good reasons to accept refugees for many countries, such as Japan too, although they are demerits that cannot be ignored. In Germany a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in 2014. “Gatestone institute” announced this, and this is quite an amount and is the risk for accepting refugees. The crimes included rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbing home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking. The criminals were refugees from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the western Balkans. You can see that crimes are caused by diverse ethnics and can be a serious problem. Also they aren’t a citizen for years and years, so it’s easier to feel that they aren’t citizens. It’s difficult to have respect for the country that you were raised, although people need to have respect. This news was from Germany though what if it comes to your country? If the problem is near, you might say “I’m against accepting refugees,” but it can’t be said if it’s only a problem that you are watching on the Internet, or on news programs. It’s very hard to choose which is better by only thinking it objectively. But there are not only bad things like crimes and so on, but good things too. Now I want to tell you about what refugees will give us.

              Before I write about the merits, I want to write how Japan has problems for the society. We are in aging society, so the number of older people are increasing and younger’s amount is less than present. This problem gives us more problems, such as decreasing workers, and if the problem continues it will become a vicious circle. And if the vicious circle continues there will be no more people in Japan. If people vanish every year, the works will increase and workers have to work harder and harder. In the end they will die because of over working and no more people can work. But if we accept refugees, it might change dramatically.

              By accepting migrants these problems might solve. First, the population. According to MercatorNet, In 2014 Germany’s population rose by 430,000. Japan can’t accept so much people in a whole year though we can increase the amount years and years. But it’s not so easy because Japan is has a strong establish for refugees. Last year only 11 people couldn’t be in refugee status, but the amount that Japan allowed to stay were 110, according to the “ministry of justice,” so I think it can be said it’s so low. But if Japan accepts refugees, the number of workers will increase. If the number of workers increase, the amount of income tax will increase. Now this can help the society a lot. This tax will not only help the society but the government too. “The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training” announced that in England 10% of the tax were revenues due immigrants on 2008. Japan might earn money like them and can lead it to the economic growth.

              For my opinion Japan needs to accept some immigrants, although the government should tighten the crackdown. Japan is called a safe country and it is kind of an identity. If this collapses, Japan maybe cannot attract attention as a tourist city. This is a critical problem for any country that anyone will come to their country, so we really have to be aware of any kind of risks. So to accept refugees is risky, but for the society it can be a very high return gamble.




Hello. I read your good essay.
I thought this topic is very interesting and important. To accept refugees is problem that the world have now. I have thought refugees are become by war and terrorism, but I learned they are also become by crime after reading your essay. If to accept refugees bring good things to Japan, I think that Japan should accept them too. But if to accept refugees is risky, I think it is difficult to accept them.
After reading your essay, I was interested in this problem, so I try to search about it.

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