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by 018 Saya on November 16, 2015 - 3:00am

 Have you ever dreamed about your own house? What kind of house do you want to live? When we build houses, we are going to order our requests to architects. Today, I would like to introduce an architect, and after that I will tell you about my opinion for his work.


     First of all, I would like to introduce an architect. His name is Shigeru Ban. He is Japanese architect. He is the only architect who build buildings by paper tubes. According to TED, he started testing the paper tube for use it as a building construction before people fussed about ecology and environment problem. He found that paper tube is very strong, very easy to waterproof and possible to fireproof through the experiment. In 1990, he built the temporary structure. That was the first temporary building which made of paper. In 2000, he received a request that build buildings made out of paper in expo because the theme of the expo was environment problem. Then he built the Pompidou Center in Metz. It's a very popular museum now, and he created a big monument for the government. However, he had begun to hold dissatisfaction in the occupation. There are the people who distressed by natural disasters in the world. He wanted to work for the people more than for the government. That’s why he is working for the people now, and he create many buildings.


     Next, I am going to tell you about my opinion for his work. I didn’t know anything about him before I listened his presentation on TED. I think he is very creative architect. His ideas were interesting. I have never thought that papers can be materials of building constructions. I think it is very good for environment. I wondered how he had thought of this idea. Although his work is very interesting, he is not famous in Japan. His skill and work are very cool, so I think it is cool Japan. I want him to be more famous not only in Japan but also in the world.


     In conclusion, I could know about very creative architect. I think there are a lot of people who don’t know him not only in Japan but also foreign countries, so I want the people to watch his presentation on TED. In my opinion, I think his work and actually he is cool Japan.


After reading your essay, I watched Shigeru Ban’s presentation on TED. First of all, I thought that he is a creative and kind to environment architect too, but I noticed that paper tubes are made from trees so I wondered his paper tubes are kind to environment really. However, I don’t know and was surprised at paper tubes can become buildings and I want to know the way of making paper tubes from something. Since I was a child, I have been dreaming my own house. If I have enough money to build a house, I would like to build it which is ecological.

Thank you for you comment. The point which you wondered was very interesting point. I think deforestation is not good, but we need trees for the material of build something. I guess it's very difficult issue. By the way, I also have been dreamed my own house since I was a child. However, the house which I want to build is very big and luxury one, so I think I'm not kind to environment. You said that you want to build ecological one, so I think you are very kind to environment. It's very good, so please keep on dreaming!!

I thought this essay is interesting for me. I have not heard his name, but I thought that he is great architect when I read it. I am going to build my house in the future, so I would like to request him. Me too. I think that his skill and work are wonderful, so I would like him to be more famous not only in Japan but also in the world. I sometimes watch presentation on TED but I have not watched his presentation on TED. I will watch it soon, because I am interested in him when I read it.

Thank you for your comment. As I told you in the article, I think he should be more famous person. I think there is no one who can create more interesting house than his houses in the world. In addition, he tried to work for earthquake victims, so I think we have to more appreciate for his effort. I think a lot of interesting presentations are shown in TED, so please watch it. I think TED can help to increase your English listening skill.

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