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by 043Risa on November 23, 2015 - 3:46am

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     I would like to talk about an architect, Shigeru Ban. Did you know him? I did not know him and I was not interested in architecture. However, I was impressed after I watched his presentation so I would like to tell you about my opinion.


     The first of all, I would like to introduce Shigeru Ban. He is a professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. He went to The University in California to learn architecture. He won the Pritzker Architecture Prize which is called The Novel Prize in architecture world. He built many temporary housings which were used paper as the building materials. He made them in not only Japan, but also in Turkey, India – especially at the place where occurred an earthquake. When the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake occurred, he made them for victims. He proposed to build temporary church after a church was broken in foreign country. In addition, when the great east Japan earthquake occurred, he made partitions because victims had to live together and could not secure their privacies. He had felt his business does not contribute to the society at first, but such the charity activities increase his confidence.


     Second, I would like to tell you about my opinions. As I said, I was not interested in architecture and I didn’t know such charity activities by many people helped victims.

I was impressed his accomplishment and I am glad as a person who live in Kobe because he is one of architect who cooperated for Kobe city. He didn’t have confidence, but I think he must be proud of himself now.

On the other hand, a case was come up as a big news in Japan. Many mistakes of which was made by a famous architecture company were found. Many People who are living the buildings are facing danger. It is a difficult problem. I hope the problem will be solved as soon as possible.


     In conclusion, architects are magnificent. A little mistake can cause a great disaster, but it also can make people happy like Shigeru Ban. We cannot avoid a disaster cause d by a natural phenomenon. However, if many buildings were broken, they can fix the buildings completely so we need architect forever. When a natural disaster occur, I would like to help each other and I want to do something, like fund raising for people as possible as I can from now.






Hello. My name is 033 Jonathan Taishi. How about you? I did not him. But your article is very good and good information. I able to receive a lot of information. I appreciate for your article and you. Kyoto University is very famous university in Japan. Kyoto university was built by Ban Sigeru. I was surprised when I read it. I want to meet him.
He is a great person. Because he does charity activities for many people helped victims. I was cry when I read it. I am feel ashamed that I did not know him. But now, I know him.
033 Jonathan Taishi

I think your essay is very interesting. Honesty, I'm not interested in architecture and I don't have any knowlwdge about architecture. However, I could learn a lot things and many activities. In Japan, we may know about problem of Asahi-Kasei. There were a lot of corner-cutting in Japanese construction works.
I think these are very serious issue. I want to learn more.

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