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by 018 Saya on January 28, 2016 - 1:07am

     Do you know anything about TPP? Honestly, I didn’t know anything about it, so I researches about TPP, its benefits, disadvantages and my opinion about it. I am going to tell you about these things below.

     First of all, I would like to tell you about TPP. TPP is the abbreviation for Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is Economic Partnership Agreement for freely economy by the countries of the Pacific Rim. Many countries are joining TPP, for example, Singapore, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Vietnam, Peru, Australia, America, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

     Secondly, I want to tell you about the benefits and disadvantage of TPP. TPP lift tariff, so we can buy imported foods very cheap prices. And also, the export amount will increase. However, I think it has the demerits more than the merits. TPP will give a damage to Japanese agriculture. TPP lift tariff, so imported foods can be sold very cheap cost more than Japanese agricultural products. Therefore Japanese famers cannot get enough income. Also, because of the deregulation of food additives, pesticide residue and genetically modified food, the safety of food is threatened.

      Finally, I am going to tell you my opinion about TPP. As I told you in the above paragraph, imported foods can be sold very cheap cost more than Japanese agricultural products. I think this is very big problem. Recently, a lot of problems which related to food safety are happening all over the world, especially in Asian countries. That’s why the people in Japan worry about that. I think most people don’t want to buy the imported foods, but if it’s cheaper than Japanese agricultural products, so probably they will but it to save their money. However, I think it will be cause of illness, and it’s not good for our health. For those reasons, I disagree about TPP.

     In conclusion, TPP has both benefits and disadvantages. I disagree to join it, but I have no choice because my country, Japan has already join in TPP. Before I wrote this article, I didn’t know about TPP, but I could know about it through the research.


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