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by 033ryosuke on November 16, 2015 - 2:58am

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 Today, I will talk about immigrant. Recently, immigrants are increasing in the world. Especially, the civil war is continuing break up in Syria, so people from Syria has escaped from their country. Before I write about immigrants, I have some questions. What do you think about immigrants? And if you were president of your country what would you do for immigrants? Would you accept migrants, why or why not? Maybe almost all people have a bad image for immigrants. By the way, do you know how many people who are immigrants are dead by now?  Till August 29th in 2015, number of refugees are 300,000, 2,500 of them had already dead. But, can you still abandon them? And are you not able to think about them? From now, I will explain you about three things; immigrant’s good points, their bad points, and my opinion.
 First, I am going to write about two immigrant’s good points. At first, if the country takes in a lot of immigrants, they’ll be able to labor at their jobs. However they do not work, because working conditions are bad. Then, economic will increase a little, so this country will be rich. On the word of The Telegraph, the Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development published a report which showed that immigration makes a positive contribution to the public finances of many countries, including the UK. Other one is that the population of this country will swell. If the country which almost all population of the country is over 60 age people accepts many refugees, the country’s population will restore youth. Moreover, if the country accept various immigrants, the country could learn various culture, customs, etc. If that happens, the world will be peaceful, and people can live in the world comfortably.
 Next, I will talk about immigrant’s bad points. As I said before, if the country accept immigrants, the economic will increase, and immigrants will be able to labor. However, migrants have many problems. According to BBC, they introduced that both advantages and disadvantages for the country gaining people. There are four advantages that BBC introduced, while there are five disadvantages, which BBC introduced. Five disadvantage are; language problems, racial / ethnic tensions, jobs lost to incoming workers, loss of those most likely to have education and skills, pressure on housing and services. Immigrants tend to be less healthy, placing strain on the health service, and they tend to live in low quality housing, and limited skills/ education in immigrant population. In this way, immigrants bring negative things in the country than positive things, so if the country accept refugees, the country will be poor.
 Finally, I would like you to know my opinion. Nowadays, Japan does not accept many refugees, maybe a lot of immigrants think Japan is not a kind country. However, I think it is good for Japan. According to Japan times, the trouble is Japan is shy. Foreign faces, foreign languages, foreign ways make it nervous. Also, Japan too has a distinct national character, and though very different from America’s, it too might be in danger of dilution by uncontrolled immigration. In addition, when they break the rule, who should take their responsibility. It is natural that they take their responsibility when they crime something. However, local people think it is natural that the government should take charge of the immigrants. In addition, I think some immigrants maybe commit a crime, for example, they might kill people who lived in the country for a longtime etc. Therefore, they might disturb the peace in the accepting country. In addition, they cannot communicate, so they cannot live there comfortably. Moreover, they don’t know cultures, rule and so on. Therefore, they may break the rule. However, now Japanese government is aiming to be a global country. I think Japanese government should accept and take care of immigrants, if they still aim to be a global country. On the other hand, I do not know the detail of refugees, so from now I care the news of immigrant. 
 In conclusion, immigrants have good points and bad points, but immigrants’ good points do not appear. For the country gaining people have four advantages and five disadvantages. Therefore, most citizens of the country do not accept the refugees. However, I do not know why Japan does not accept the migrants. Japan aims to be a global country, so they accept various immigrants. If Japan accepts various migrants, they could learn many kinds of cultures, customs, and so on.


Hi! I read your essay. I thought your essay is very nice. I have never thought about an immigrant and a migrant. Before I read your essay, I considered migrants as Japanese, but my thought changed. The civil war is one of famous subjects. Maybe, I have heard that immigrants are increasing in the world, but I have never thought about good points and bad points, so your essay give me an interest. You think a lot of immigrants think Japan is not a kind country. I also think that. I think I would like to study the immigrant and the migrant. Thank you!

Thank you for your comment. I thought noone read my article, so I was very very happy. Moreover, you woulkd like to study the immigrant, so I appreciate your thinking. By the way, Have you started to stady about migrant yet? If you kne about migrants, would you tell me about it? I don't know about refugees in detail. Someday, I would like to discuss about refugees with you.
Ryosuke Chinen

I read your essay and thought it was very good. I especially enjoyed your own opinion on Japan's policy towards refugees, and I certainly agree with you that the cultural divide would make it hard for refugees to live in Japan. My question is, should refugees only flee to countries where they can fit in socially? Because a lot of refugees are already entering countries where they don't fit in. Should Japan support refugees in another way? :P

Hell, Ehinds VCS!
Thank you for your comment.
I think they shouldn't only flee to countries where they can fit in socially, because it is too difficult to find for them. Therefore, the accepting country should make a place as suitable as possible for refugees.
Japan is suporting monetarily $1.6 billion for refugees. On the other hands, the U.S. is supporting monetarily $0.5 billion for refugees. So I think Japan is supporting indirectly.

Your opinion on the refugee crisis in Syria is interesting! If you were a politician in Japan, what would you do to accept more refugees, and how do you thing people would react? What do you think other peoples opinions are on this issue?

Have a good year!


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